1 thought on “STIHL imow robotic lawnmower – Not as #smart as you’d think”

  1. Not Really the full truth, the sensors absolutly can sense the docking station, it just has to be within 1 meter from it 😀 and time for return trip is dependent on lawn size. And this is true for basically all robot mowers that operate with a boundary/perimeter wire, none of them now what the closest route home is. the Husqvarna has it's guide wire that makes it more efficient, but it still doesn't know where the station is until it locates the guide wire and follows it home.

    Newer generations (like the Stihl iMow 522C and 422.2PC has DDH which in theory knows exactly where the station is based on an internally drawn map), with mapping technology and gps-rtk assistance will have a better sense of direction.

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