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Keeping your cordless, petrol or robotic lawn mower clean is key to making sure that it works efficiently and we now have a STIHL care and clean kit that includes everything you need to make cleaning your lawn mower a breeze.

The cleaning kit includes our effective but gentle cleaning detergent STIHL Multiclean. Multiclean is an all-purpose cleaning agent for plastic, metal, rubber and painted surfaces making it perfect for these lawn mowers. For more information on our range of cleaning agents, watch our video linked below;


It also includes a wooden-handled bristle brush with a scraper for cleaning the mower unit, and a Microfiber cloth for thorough but gentle cleaning.

To clean the mower unit, simply spray it with STIHL Multiclean and leave to work for 5 minutes. Then clean it thoroughly with the brush and remove any residual dirt or cleaner with the
damp microfiber cloth.

To clean the lawn mower housing or your STIHL iMOW® docking station, just spray STIHL Multiclean onto a microfiber cloth and wipe over the surface. Repeat the procedure as needed, then wipe the housing with the damp STIHL microfiber cloth.

The STIHL care and clean kit for lawnmowers is the perfect way to keep your mower in tip-top condition.

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