STIHL manual: build a horizontal storage

With this tool storage unit, you can bring order to your garage or shed. The practical horizontal tool holder allows you to store long-handled tools such as the STIHL FSA, but also rakes and spades. Grab some wood and the STIHL GTA 26 and you’re ready to go.

Find out more about the STIHL cordless garden pruner GTA 26 here:

Material needed:
– spruce board 22 mm thick measuring 2040 mm x 220 mm, but length can of course be chosen freely
– two wooden wedges, a good 25 cm long, available as building wedges or chocks
– round bars 20 mm, e.g. beech. 11 cm long
– pieces of wood to place underneath so as not to damage the workbench
– clamps to fix the wooden board to the workbench

Tools needed:
– wood drill 20 mm
– drill/accumulator screwdriver
– hammer
– PPE: Safety goggles and gloves

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