STIHL manual: Building an iMOW® garage

Protect your STIHL iMOW® from rain, wind and weather during the mowing season: In this video you will find out how you can build a practical and decorative garage for your robotic lawn mower in just a few steps.

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And about the GTA 26:

Required material:
– Square timber of 60 mm x 60 mm for posts, 2.5 m
– Construction wood 50 mm x 30 mm for the frame, a good 7.5 m.
– Construction wood 44 mm x 22 mm for holding the boards on the back wall
– 70 mm x 12 mm boards on the back wall and from the storage compartment, a good 7 m. Dimensions: boards on the inner wall 740mm x 70mm x 12mm; outside / back wall 608mm x 70mm x 12mm
– Remaining wood for the 30 cm high spacer and for fixing the posts
– 18 mm plywood / multiplex for roof, floor and doors from storage compartment door: 260 mm x 250 mm x 278 mm x 175 mm; Floor 740 mm x 309 mm, roof: 740 mm x 333 mm
– Metal rod 1 cm with a slightly pointed end as a support, 95 cm long
– 15 mm OSB board, 1150 mm x 820 mm
– Roofing felt
– 40 Wood screws 4 x 70 mm (for the frame), 60 wood screws 4 x 35 mm (for the back boards), 3 x 16 mm (plastic edges from the roof and tension lock), 4 x 40 (including washer)
– 2x 10 cm hinges for the roof including wood screws 3 x 16 mm and 4 x 45 mm
– Two smaller 50 mm hinges each for the door of the storage compartment including wood screws 3 x 16 mm
– Tension lock made of stainless steel 74 mm long for the lid
– 20 mm x 25 mm PVC rectangular angle
– 4 mm metal drill bit

Required tools:
– Cordless screwdriver
– Spade
– Bevel (angle to measure)
– Spirit level
– Hand auger
– Hacksaw
– 4mm metal drill bit for the support rod

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