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Hedge trimmers have very sharp blades, so it’s important to make sure you are wearing the right Personal Protective Equipment. When using a hedge trimmer make sure you always wear the following:

🔶 First, you should wear sturdy shoes with non-slip soles. Standard work boots, such as the STIHL WORKER S3 safety boots, with a steel toe cap are ideal.
🔶 You should also wear safety glasses when using a hedge trimmer – small cuttings and leaves can easily cause damage if they come into contact with your eye.
🔶 You should wear heavy-duty, but well-fitting, work gloves made of durable material.
🔶 Ear protection should be worn when working with noisier petrol and electric tools. These aren’t needed with most of our STIHL cordless hedge trimmers though.
🔶 When working above shoulder height, you should also wear a helmet to protect you from falling branches or cuttings.
🔶 We recommend that you tie up long hair too and don’t wear baggy clothing. Our STIHL HS MULTI-PROTECT trousers are a great option and they can also be fitted with cut protective inserts to offer a greater level of protection.

If in doubt, always check the instruction manual for your STIHL tool which can be found on When it comes to the having the best fabrics and protection in all the right places, STIHL PPE has you covered. Find out more at or at your nearest STIHL approved dealer.

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