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The new STIHL RMA 248 is a cordless mower in the STIHL AK System. Quiet, easy to manoeuvre and simple to use, the RMA 248 is a functional, robust, steel-decked mower that’s good value for money and, with a 19 inch or 48 cm mowing deck, can cover the lawn quickly and efficiently. It also comes with a 5-year extended domestic warranty (subject to registration and annual servicing).

This STIHL lawn mower is designed for small to medium-sized lawns and will mow an area of 250 square metres (or approximately the size of a tennis court) on one charge of our STIHL AK 30 battery.

The STIHL RMA 248 is simple to start and easy to push around the garden; plus, with a large 55-litre grass box that fills right to the brim, you can spend more time cutting and less time emptying. The grass box also has a fill level indicator that drops down when the grass catcher box is full.

The central cutting height adjustment means you can change the height of the cut in one movement as the spring-loaded mechanism makes switching positions effortless. There are 7 cutting heights to choose from, from 25 to 75mm.

Powered by STIHL’s AK system 36-volt lithium-ion batteries, the cordless lawn mower has a powerful, direct-drive EC motor with an ECO mode built-in. When full power is not required the blade speed automatically slows down to suit the grass condition, saving battery. If you encounter tougher grass or leaves, the blade automatically speeds up again.

The rechargeable AK 30 batteries fit many other STIHL tools in the AK system, including battery powered hedge trimmers, grass trimmers and cordless chainsaws. Once a battery becomes depleted on the STIHL RMA 248 mower, it’s easy to swap it over to another, and there’s even storage for a spare battery as shown in the video.

The foldable handlebar makes it easier to store in the garage or shed, and the grass box is easy to remove to make it more compact.

If you’re looking for a good value cordless lawn mower in our AK system, the STIHL RMA 248 is a great option for mowing your lawn. Find out more at, or your nearest STIHL approved dealer using the links below.

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