STOP MOWING YOUR LAWN – Have a ROBOT DO IT – Gardena Sileno Fully Automatic Robotic Lawnmower.

Never mow your lawn again? Can a LAWN MOWING ROBOT really work? How do you install it? Does it work on slopes? Is it right for you? How much does it cost? What about bumps and roots? All answered here. See the new Gardena Sileno robotic mower in action.


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About this item
For small, complex lawns: GARDENA SILENO Minimo mows smaller yards up to 2700 sq ft automatically, evenly and streak-free, with easy use via Bluetooth EasyApp Control, Auto-Schedule and EasyConfig
Mulching advantage: Grass clippings left behind by the mower provide shade that supports moisture retention and protection from the sun, turning into fertilizer that enriches the soil with nutrients
Precise, silent navigation: Relax in your backyard while SILENO Minimo expertly navigates narrow spaces and tight corners while quietly cutting your grass with an extremely low noise level of 57 dbA
All-weather and terrain: SILENO keeps mowing rain or shine and cuts all shapes of lawns within the boundary wire limits, from simple to complex including slopes of up to 25 percent
Items delivered: 1 x GARDENA SILENO Minimo robotic lawn mower with base, charging station tower, low-voltage cable, power supply unit, ruler, connectors, couplers, loop wire, stakes and operators manual

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