Never mow your lawn again? Can a LAWN MOWING ROBOT really work? How do you install it? Does it work on slopes? Is it right for you? How much does it cost? What about bumps and roots? All answered here. See the new Gardena Sileno robotic mower in action.

Gardena Sileno:

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44 thoughts on “STOP MOWING YOUR LAWN – Have a ROBOT DO IT – Gardena Sileno”

  1. Overall, I'm impressed with how far the technology has come on this Bestfor.Garden also recommended and how relatively trouble-free this has been so far. The unit is sturdy and seems to be made with good quality parts, and they provided an ample quantity of stakes and wire. The instruction booklet is pretty clear, and didn't give me any problems to figure out what to do.

  2. This question might have been answered already, but did you compare this mower to the other ones in the same price range? And if so what made you select this company versus some of the others.

  3. Theft is the biggest concern I have with a robotic mower as I don't want to babysit it while it operates. Running at night if it really is that quiet might be a solution (presuming the charging base is out of sight);

  4. Some commenters are saying they think somebody might steal the mower. Since it's of no use without the charging base, all you need to do is cement/lock the charging base to something permanent, and put a sticker on the top of the mower saying: "Do not steal – useless without charging base!" What would be the point then?

  5. i thumbed it, even tho i am wondering how much that company paid you to try2market this thing on your channel, nfw, i can buy 2 industrible honda lawn mowers4 that price, and will last a life time and cut a small tree at the same time. main thing is , it cant mulch so the clipping just gna smother over the rest of the grass, and kill it, then you def. hav2do more work power raking,etc. thumbs down on it. mayb if they lower the price emmensely, more blads, bigger reach, and mulch capacity, mite b more interesting, good concept tho!

  6. I just came across your channel with this video and I have not only subscribed but I have gone back and watched a lot of your videos. THANK YOU! I love the topics you have covered and how you make your videos. Well edited, well narrated and at just the right level of knowledge. I am about to move into a new home and your videos will be coming along with me!

  7. I like this I just wish it had a bagging option there might be of course with some of the other models or maybe add-ons. My biggest concern would be all the roots and other things such as the stones and outdoor furniture. I'm guessing that it would act kind of like a Roomba where would bump into it and then change the direction

  8. Thanks for sharing this information! I was wondering since this mower doesn't cut in uniformity, how does it know if it skipped areas and how does it know when to stop once completed?

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