Testing A Battery In A Husqvarna Automower To Verify If It Needs Replaced Or Still Has Life Left.

The battery (or batteries depending on the model) inside a Husqvarna Automower are designed to last for quite a few years before needing to be replaced IF they are properly maintained. With some Automower heading into year 5 or 6 of service here in North America there will definitely be many Automower owners questioning if this is the year that they finally need to replace the battery in their mower? It’s no secret that batteries for nearly any nearly any brand of product are a bit pricey so you want to make sure that your battery is definitely in need of being replaced before purchasing a new one. A while back we posted this video ( showing how to access the Quick Info menu on your Automower to check the condition of your mowers battery. But we thought we would show you how we verify that a mower needs its battery replaced when a mower is brought into us for service and repair. We first check the condition of the battery by using the Autocheck program. If we see any signs that there could be an issue with a battery we will first place the mower in the charger for a while to see if the battery conditions change. If not, then we open up the mower and use the Husqvarna quick charger to test the batteries and verify if they are bad or if they have some life left in them yet.

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3 thoughts on “Testing A Battery In A Husqvarna Automower To Verify If It Needs Replaced Or Still Has Life Left.”

  1. Hi, I have a Husqvarna Gen2 (really old machine). I'm getting an error code 'Left wheel motor blocked'. I have opened the mower and switch wheel motors around to see if the error would change to right wheel motor blocked. But is still shows the same error messages, 'Left wheel motor blocked'. My local Husqvarna is a little puzzled and I just wondered whether you have experience this problem. Any advice.

  2. Hey man liking the depth of your videos. I just recently bought a 115h online it had a manufactured date of 2019 but its still new . Unfortunately I just got it all set up and like you said as soon as it rolls away from the charging station it dies. Do you think its revivable or is it spent and I should just order a new battery

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