Testing Charging Station Output Voltage (Husqvarna Automower No Loop Video # 6)

A solid green LED in a Husqvarna Automower charging station means everything is good to go and you have no problems with your charging station or boundary wire, right? Not always! In this video you will see a situation where the mower gives a no loop error, the charging station has a solid green LED, the boundary wire has the absolute minimal resistance in it possible, but the mower will not pair with the charging station. We also show you a scenario where the mower is paired with the charging station but gives a no loop error while having a flashing blue light but the boundary wire is in perfect condition. So how do we diagnose these issues where we are being deceived by the charging station LED? The answer is we test the voltage being passed though the charging station by the charging station circuit board. In both of the errors mentioned above it was proven that the charging station board was the cause of our no loop issues. One time because it was sending no voltage to the boundary wire despite having a solid green LED and the other time it was not sending enough voltage to the boundary wire and caused the flashing blue LED. We also show you how you can check your guide wire system by measuring the amount of voltage the charging station board is sending to those terminals as well.

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13 thoughts on “Testing Charging Station Output Voltage (Husqvarna Automower No Loop Video # 6)”

  1. Great video! My 450xh just started goofing around. Would go forward a few inches and stops, turns a bit, move forward a few inches and stops,… Solid green light in the station. I get 27.7 v where the mower recharges, 4.6 v on all guide wire tabs, but only 25.5 v on the loop tabs. I guess its either the board or the harness to the terminals.

  2. I have an automower 330x and checked all the output values and everything is correct. I have the problem the automower does not use the guide wire. On the automower i can see it does not have connection with G1. However it does give values for G1 for the lus sensors. Any ideas what could be the problem?

  3. I have very strange voltages at my charging station (28 V):

    between AL and AR: 32 Volt
    between AL and G: 4 Volt
    between AR and G: 14 Volt

    How is that even possible with a 28 V transformer? And why is the current between AL and G not the same as between AR and G? Any ideas anyone? Thanks for your help!

  4. This has been brilliant – very clear and well illustrated and I've followed every stage, thank you. However, I've got to the end of your testing programme with solid green light, 28 volts in & 28 volts out on the boundary wire and the charging pads and perfect continuity on the boundary wire but it's still showing zero on all the signals – loop and charging station and won't pair. Any ideas, please?

  5. Hello Could you help me I have a 550H that I can not connect via Bluetooth, it tells me that it is disconnected, then no longer turned on or being in the station, then change the board and battery and I can not make it work that could do according to your experience that you share with us all.

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