The DIY Way To Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

Is your lawnmower tearing of the garden grass blades alternatively of slicing it? Does your lawn look like it has been eaten by a goat, in spite of currently being minimized by the garden mower? Wait do not pull your hair by the root. Aid is at hand. We will instruct you on how to sharpen the lawnmower blades at minimum selling price and work.

Your Manual Garden Mower – The Trustworthy Stroll Behinds

Instruments: The equipment that you will need for accomplishing this occupation is

  • You and your time of about 2 hours or much less
  • A bastard file of about 12″ long
  • A little crowbar to stop the movement of the rotor of the garden mower.
  • A worktable will be helpful for doing the job easily.


Process: You can use the pursuing technique as a general manual and make modifications to it to match you. Remember the technique is not sacrosanct. Success is essential, not the course of action.

If doable, take away the take care of garden mower and position lawn mower on the desk.

Protected it if doable in the clamps. If you do not have clamps, do not hassle, secure it against any block, so that the movement absent from you is limited.

Take care of the crowbar in the blades so that it will not rotate

With the aid of the bastard file, file the edges of blades so that they look sharp. Get the job done at an angle of 45 levels

When a person’s blade is sharpened, remove the crowbar and convert the rotor to work on one more blade. Repeat the treatment till all blades are sharpened.

If you have a versatile shaft grinder in your Do it yourself workshop, you will be equipped to complete the do the job in just 5 to 10 minutes per blade. Make a template of blade profile just before you start your performance and evaluate routinely. This is vital to guarantee that you do not more than slash at a put.

Protection Tip For You

When sharpening the blades assure that the stroke is not way too extensive in any other case, you may injure on your own.

Sharpening Blades Of Energy Mower

Dependent on the garden mower the treatment may well range. We have provided standard statements in this procedure you would have to change the technique a little. Hold the upkeep guide of lawnmower helpful if you have one.

Resources Needed:

  • Siphon hose and clear container
  • Significantly do the job gloves and goggles
  • Double-slice (medium-tough) flat file
  • Lumber scrap
  • Socket wrench set
  • Rubber mallet*
  • Bench vise or C clamps
  • Rotary blade sharpener accent
  • Electrical drill*
  • Screwdriver, or 1/4-in. rod or bolt*
  • Blade balancer
  • Alternative blade*

* Only if demanded

The listing may possibly glimpse formidable, but applications are usually offered with each Do-it-yourself enthusiast.


The treatment is supplied for the very simple one blade garden mower, but the very same will apply to all types of blades, no matter if single or double

Put on hand gloves and thoroughly clean the engine and the gasoline tank from outside the house

Eliminate spark plug from the engine

Clear away all the gas from the tank of the gasoline engine. Use the siphon hose so you do not spill gasoline on the ground.

Fully empty out the oil from the gearbox if you have one particular

Invert the motor and have obtained to the blade.

Clamp the engine so it does not move and cleanse the blade space thoroughly

With the support of a box spanner, clear away the nut holding the blade. Ordinarily, the nut will be unlocked in the reverse to the route of rotation of the engine. You may perhaps interact the screwdriver in the cooling enthusiast of the motor to end rotation of the motor.

If you locate that you are using as well a lot drive to unlock the nut, put a single or two drops of rust taking away chemical, and try out immediately after 30 minutes

Right after you get rid of the blade, clamp it in the bench vise and sharpen it with a file or a grinder. Sharpen only the outer 2 to 3 inches. The region to be sharpened will be regarded if you see the blade.

Sharpen only to the demanded extent. Much too significantly sharpening is not important. This is not the knife. It functions at the pace of the motor

Following sharpening, look at it with your thumb. Be watchful not to reduce thumb. If you have performed sharpening ahead of, or found someone particular doing it, you will know what we indicate by this.

Stability of the blade with help of a tiny balancing software on VEE blocks, or even on two-foot rulers positioned aspect by aspect

Refit the blades, refill engine oil and gasoline, and examine the sharpness of blades on an uncut portion of your garden

Safety Ideas:

Usually use security goggles and hand gloves when performing with electricity resources.

Be guaranteed to clear away the spark plug just before starting off. Serious accidents can take place if you do not do this.

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