The Tenacity Of A Husqvarna 435X Automower Working In Tall Weeds, Briars, Vines, And Other Obstacles

The 435X is mostly associated with mowing hills and inclines that are too much for a typical Automower or sometimes even a lawn tractor or push mower is capable of handling. But since the 435X and the 5353AWD Automowers are all-wheel drive and the chassis articulates, we have found that it is a great solution for other mowing areas and conditions in addition to hills and inclines. In this video we place a 435X in the middle of an overgrown area with tall weed, exposed tree roots, small tree stumps, vines, briars, and other items that would make this area unsuitable to mow with a lawn tractor, zero turn, or push mower without first clearing it out with a brush cutter, string trimmer, or bush hog mower. We were curious to see how resilient the 435X would be in it’s attempt to keep working without tapping out and sending out a call for help. We were very surprised at the way the 435X kept working through and around all of the items it encountered in it’s path.

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19 thoughts on “The Tenacity Of A Husqvarna 435X Automower Working In Tall Weeds, Briars, Vines, And Other Obstacles”

  1. If I have 10 years to wait until this mower completely cuts through tall weeds this would be ideal. Seems like you would still needs some good old fashioned elbow grease to get the job done like you want it. Pass…

  2. I've heard people saying that their robotic mower tends to get stuck at the edge of a flower bed if there is a drop off there. It seems like this mower would have no issues with that!

  3. I love this thing, but what I don't love is the $6K AUD price tag. Oh well. Can you recommend a robot mower that can handle steep slopes for alot less money? Obviously you get what you pay for, but I cannot pay for this!

  4. Nice video, i am just wondering why it stopped and turn around at video 4:50. Was the grass too tall or was there some obstacle that i didn't see on the video?
    Seriously thinking to buy this 435X and greetings from Finland.

  5. Love the video, thanks! We have a wooded garden, not too steep, and about 8000sqm. This presents many obstacles, trees, beds, ponds etc. What would you recommend? Running a guide wire around everything seems impractical, and this mower says "Up to 3500sqm". Thank you!

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