The Truth About Robot Vacuum Cleaner And Mop | Viomi SE Review | With English Subtitles

Hi! Here is my honest review on robot vacuum cleaners. Are they really as good as claimed?
Thank you Viomi for providing this product.
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Viomi SE Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop:

Spare Accessories:
Main Brush:
Dust Brush (Pack of 2):
Cleaning Cloth (Pack of 2):
High-Efficiency HEPA Filter:
550ml Water Tank:
Disposable Cleaning Cloth:

Links of Other Products shown in the video:
Yellow Ottoman:
Sofa Set:
Dining Table:
Jute Mat:
Jute Planter:
Vintage Radio:

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50 thoughts on “The Truth About Robot Vacuum Cleaner And Mop | Viomi SE Review | With English Subtitles”

  1. Hai I bought Viomi Se online at the time of covid and it’s going good. But I want service and I am unable to approach any of Viomi service stations. Can I know the way to approach them.

  2. Better than househelp for sure. I clean better than maid and robot. But Robot makes life easier for me . Saves money. Available any time than househelp who does cleaning hastily and runs away, or on leave most of time .
    If there are naughty kids in house, you don’t hv to clean all time . Just have to instruct through app.

  3. Is it good to use for a small home like say 700 or 800 sq ft 3 bhk… Having too many furnitures / objects on floor?.. 1 l sofa.. 1 centre table 1 l dhapr shoe almari.. 3 beds.. 5 almirahs 1 showcase…1 wardrobe.. Fridge washing.. machine 30 sq ft kitchen with modular setup

  4. Ilaji aaj to hamne bhi ye robot le liya hai aapka vedio dekhke 🤗
    17490 rs main black ⚫️ vala available tha to le liya..thank you so much aap ki vajah se himmat kar paye 😘😍

  5. I have been following your channel for a while now and find your tips very handy, thank you very much for the detailed videos! Lots of love from Pakistan.

    I had a question – you did a video on the robot vacuum cleaner and the Dyson cordless one. Which is better? Which of the two should I invest in? I was wondering if you could do a comparison video or generally share what you think about the two. Thanks in advance.

  6. Really liked the detailed review. Was interested in buying. I clicked on the link which you have provided and it opens the Viomi SE in black colour. The white one is currently unavailable. Just wanted to confirm would the black model come with same features?

  7. Hi Ila, thanks a lot for preparing & sharing this great video on the robotic vacuum cleaner. Do you have any link on the Amazon website for the specific 550 ml dust bin for Viomi SE? Maybe you could share the seller details from your Amazon purchase history. I saw a similar one on Amazon, but it is not compatible with the Viomi SE model. Thanks, Anil.

  8. Hi, thanks for posting this review. You have covered everything including pros and cons. Could you please tell me where you can purchase the separate 550 ml dust bin that you are showing in your video?

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