This is Miimo, A Fully Automatic Lawn Mower by Honda Power Equipment

The Miimo robotic lawn mower by Honda Power Equipment is ready to take your yard to the next level! With automatic mow times, multiple cutting patterns and …


47 thoughts on “This is Miimo, A Fully Automatic Lawn Mower by Honda Power Equipment”

  1. Start by fertilizing and taking care of your yard the right way. That yard has been severely neglected from fertilizer, etc.

    Also, thatch will also not end up helping your yard, but hurting it because excessive thatch buildup will hinder growth and almost choke the lawn and cause disease. This mower would eventually cause so much thatch buildup that your yard without the ability to bag.

    Mulching, occasionally can help put nutrients back in the soil, but yearly power raking is still needed to remove that buildup.

  2. Other brands of robot mowers have lights on them for nighttime mowing. They also have a GPS system embedded so that if it's stolen it can be tracked easily. They also have edging capabilities

  3. 2.5k – 3k and it doesn’t trim the edges? Wow, I got myself the battery lawn mower for 500$ and it only took 1 bar of battery to cut my lawn. Took me an hour long but I can save alot of $$.

  4. I'm still waiting for someone to post a video of their test/review of a robot lawn mower actually cutting grass where we can actually see and say "Hooray…it's actually cutting the grass!"

  5. A $2,500 to $2,800 robot…in a yard that small and simple? You're not 75+ years old and you still have to edge/trim lawn. So you save 15-25 minutes? Maybe in a few generations but the cost is too high, you still have to worry about someone stealing or breaking it, and rain is still problematic involving you turning it on and off manually. Wait 5 years and then re-visit.

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