THIS Robot will END Lawn Mowing Forever – Ecoflow BLADE

After years of waiting Ecoflow has done it! The world’s first WIRELESS GPS/RTK robotic Lawn Mower & Sweeper. The most advanced LAWN robot in the world & its available! NOT a kickstarter!

Ecoflow BLADE is available NOW for 10% Off Plus use code ECOCYMBAL8 for an extra 8%
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Ecoflow provided me with the Blade mower. All opinions, videos & thoughts in this video are my own. I don’t accept scripts.

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40 thoughts on “THIS Robot will END Lawn Mowing Forever – Ecoflow BLADE”

  1. This is a joke right? I stick with my diesel sucking black smoking Yanmar and when I am done cutting I'll take my gas sucking Corvette to get ice-cream

  2. I would run this at night but it will have to battle neighborhood raccoons and cats. I wonder if it will hold up to their attacks. I have a very small lot, less than a standard suburban lot converted to food forest style with beds and small trees but the walking paths are lawn of wild flowers and native grasses. I hate mowing especially in the South Florida heat and humidity. So I need this to be a mower slash night guard on patrol for cats using beds as their litter box and raccoons fights. A night vision camera and laser edition would be nice. 🙂 definitely a seek and hunt function is welcome too. lol

  3. Don’t do it people, you’re taking away someone’s job, this is the future they want us to have. Something so small will have a huge impact on the world we live in, let’s stop being lazy and do things the way we did growing up. First it was the one Wal Mart self checkout, now there 20 self checkout’s= lost jobs. The Red Box, shut down all the video stores. Don’t do it, think about the next person that needs these jobs

  4. you mentioned it cuts 3/4 acre – it looks like your property is significantly larger – did you set up different zones -each one of a 3/4 acre? I am looking to get one….this is the one question I need to answer for our property. Thx

  5. Those front wheels look like they gonna be trouble. If I have anything to do with it I wound definitely use a 3 wheel rover platform replacing the dragging toy robot wheels with one 360 degrees free spinning or driven wheel. I like it though and thank you for the video.

  6. they wont take over, hell most people cant even afford a robot vacuum, $800 is a lot of money to be blowing away on a vacuum, and for a lawn mower that is robotic that most likely costs way more, I still will be providing services to people that don't have a lot of money for a fancy robotic lawn mower, so I still will have a business.

  7. I have added extra weight of 3,5 kg on a back of a robot. It sits on a handle and is scewed in that thread for a bag. Results are outstanding. Slopes even in backwards has been double lifted, no more drive weels tearing grass when making turns.

  8. If you can afford the $2600 for the robot mower, you probably already have a lawn company that does your lawn. So then, somewhat of a moot point, why would invest that much into this and have to deal with all of the issues, which is why I got the lawn company start with. Great idea on paper and when the sales guy is selling it to you, not practical or reliable. Not to mention, when one of the neighbor kids is in your front lawn and this thing drives over their feet and then you have a $10 million lawsuit on your hands. LMAO

  9. Good product. My only problem with this robot is the angled from wheels – it makes it look cross eyed 🙂. But good functionality and design. I went for the Mommotion Luba instead of the Ecoflow. Very similar capabilities, except the bagger (which would be too small for my lawn)

  10. Toro is currently working on one very similar to this. This Ecoflow, however, looks like it's going to hard to beat. A direct current opinion would be nice though. That way it could be connected directly to a solar panel instead of an ac outlet. The mower would not need an inverter then and could be a little less expensive.

  11. Sorry but it is not the first boundary free lawn mower! in addition, what looks cool in terms of design, and the wheels how they go side ways, it a waste of energy due to friction! I am not sure why the designer have decided to go this way, while the other (traditional) wheel designs deliver the job! Great Video otherwise, very good summary!

  12. I want one that cuts 5 inches. I like my lawn high!! But I do like the fact that you can mow it 3 times a week… makes your lawn look fresh every day. Maybe in 5 more years these will be more affordable and durable.

  13. They need to get it below 2000$ and it would make more sense. Hopefully within the next 5 years we have battery tech that allows for cheaper higher density batteries, that would really help alot of these autonomous systems with competitiveness.

  14. Would love to have one, but way too expensive for me. Pricing is definitely for higher end market. Too bad they can't make it affordable for the average home owner, i.e., first time home owner, but probably due to their R&D costs, I understand.

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