Unboxing and Installing the Worx Landroid ACS Module

Are you interested in the Worx Landroid Anti-Collision System (ACS)? Watch this unboxing to see what comes in the box and then see how easy it is to install the Worx Landroid ACS Module.

Worx Landroid Anti Collision System Details —
-Uses ultrasonic detection to sense and navigate around obstacles other robotic mowers would bump into.

Helps Landroid navigate without collisions to prevent damage to trees, outdoor furniture and other objects in your yard.

-Obstacle avoidance allows Landroid to better maintain your lawn without interrupting its algorithm.

-Easy to install, simply screws to the top of your Landroid.

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–Purchase Landroid ACS and spare parts here–

Worx Landroid ACS –

Worx Landroid L (cut up to 1/2 acre):

Worx Landroid M (cut up to 1/4 acre):

Worx Landroid S (cut up to 1/8 acre):

Spare Boundary Wire (dog fence wire):

Boundary Wire Connectors:

Spare Blades:

–Camera Gear–
Main Camera:
Backup Camera:
Wide Angle Lens:
Standard Zoom Lens:
On Camera Microphone:
Lavalier Microphone:
SD Card:
Camera Bag:

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