Viomi SE Robo Cleaner Complete Review in Telugu||B like Bindu

Viomi SE Robo Cleaner Complete Review in Telugu. Viomi SE రోబో క్లీనర్ ఎలా పనిచేస్తుంది? దాని గురించిన పూర్తి వివరాలతో చేసిన వీడియో.

Viomi SE Robo Cleaner Link:
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Viomi SE Side Brush:
Viomi SE Main Brush:
Viomi SE Hepa Filter:
Viomi SE Mopping cloth:
Viomi V3 water Tank(550ml) compatible with Viomi SE:

ఈ వీడియో నిడివి పెద్దదిగా ఉంది. ఎవరైనా ఒక పాయింట్ కోసం మళ్ళీ చూడాలి అనుకుంటే వీడియో మొత్తం వెతికి చూడడం కష్టం కాబట్టి నేను ఇక్కడ పాయింట్ వైస్ Time-Stamps ఇస్తున్నాను. మీరు క్రింద మీకు ఏది కావాలో చూసుకుని ఆ డిజిట్స్ లో కనిపిస్తున్న టైమ్ మీద క్లిక్ చేస్తే డైరెక్టుగా ఆ టాపిక్ దగ్గర నుండి వీడియో వస్తుంది.
0:00 intro
3:45 Viomi SE Unboxing
5:31 Network Configuration&App Installation
9:32 Navigation DAY1
12:50 Navigation DAY2
17:43 Area Vacuuming
19:57 Point Vacuuming
21:17 Parts&Maintenance
28:19 dustbin and its cleaning
29:43 Using water Tank
32:10 Wet mopping Test
36:54 Cleaning Performance test
40:35 App Features&Usage

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38 thoughts on “Viomi SE Robo Cleaner Complete Review in Telugu||B like Bindu”

  1. Bindhu garu ma husband and nenu me videos follow avutham prathi video kothaga aniisthundhi mostly meri echee reviews aithe adhi aa vasthuvu konala ledha ani decide kovachu oka small doubt bindhu garu robotic vaccum cleaner meru theskuna proscenic best Or trifo max best andi proscenic un available ani vasthundhi i am waiting for ur answer bindhu garu present nenu oka robotic vaccum cleaner theskundham ankunam please reply bindhu garu

  2. Hi mam chala thanks chala clear GA explain Chasaru.
    But chinna Dout mam duplex houses lo different floors untae kada Yala use chayali
    Daniki options yemina unada

  3. Me video chusi nenu konukunnanu … but oka problem vachindhi andi … na phone ki Vacuume cleaner connect avvatledhu … edhivaraku ayindhi … deletchesi malli connect chesthunte avvatledhu … device ni router pakkana petamantondhi … Ala chesina tharavtha kuda avvatledhu … please please help

  4. Madam your explanation is five star. And you explain device hardware, features and everything. I think these guys can keep on their site for better understanding 😃 ❤️

  5. Such a clear review. Each and every point of doubt is explained so clearly. Thank you so much for your effort in understanding the machine and presenting it with such detail. 🙏🙏 this is actual reviewing.. I have seen so many reviews that actually confused me more.

  6. Indeed a great demo.what was the price when you purchased Bindu garu,presently the quoted cost is 19990, MRP showing as 39999.What is it's present working condition after many months of its purchase ? Awaiting your response to take my decision andi

  7. Super ga chepparu madam nenu mee vedio chusi e vaccum cleaner tisukunna i hava small doubt madam full charge ayyaka robot switch off cheyyala leda charging power apeyala please madam reply ivvandi

  8. Mam my house is divided into actually three levels of flooring, I mean split levels. Two bedrooms, kichten,and dining is elevated level where as living room is sunken and again sit out is elevated. Please suggest how to make robot to save totally 3 maps without lifting it.

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