Vitulus 4WD is almost done

Electro installation and some programming is ahead me, but chassis is assembled. I’m looking forward to test it outdoor.

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3 thoughts on “Vitulus 4WD is almost done”

  1. Muy interesante vuestra labor de implementación y diseño de sintetización de este producto. Os felicito. Y valoraré su adaptación funcional al césped húmedo y su precio, (mis problemas).

  2. You are doing a great job. I have decided I will try to build this starting today. I have an ender 3 so I will have to downsize some parts as the main body is a bit too big. Should I I print whole robot at 85 percent scale?

    To make 4×4 should i start by printing the rear end 2 wheels 2 times. Sorry for many questions.

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