What Are Corridor Settings? When & How To Adjust The Corridor Settings On Your Husqvarna Automower

Corridor settings are something that confuse a lot of Husqvarna Automower owners. One of the reasons for the confusion is that a lot of people misunderstand the automatic passage handling feature and how it works. Automatic passage handling is a great feature and helps guide the mower through narrow areas when there is a boundary wire present. But in some mowing areas the mower will need to pass through a narrow opening where there are no boundary wires. This is where adjusting your corridor settings can come into place and help to navigate your Automower through a gate in a fence, between flower beds, or through other types of narrow passages in the work area. This is very handy information to know when you are trying to install a swinging gate or automatic gate for your Automower. In many cases a simple adjustment of the corridor settings will allow the mower to line up and drive perfectly through he opening. But if you try to allow the mower to navigate an opening like this relying on automatic passage handling, GPS mowing, and with your mower’s corridor setting maxed out, the mower is more likely to bump into something and turn around rather than successfully reaching the other side.

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Husqvarna Automower Corridor Settings

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4 thoughts on “What Are Corridor Settings? When & How To Adjust The Corridor Settings On Your Husqvarna Automower”

  1. Automower 310. No connect board added.

    Example: Front yard – AREA 1, Back yard – AREA 2. Front yard has a guide wire and boundary wire (60%). Back yard only boundary wire (40% mowing). Front and back are connected by narrow corridor via side yard with 2 sheds next to house. The corridor is about 24 inches wide, 24 feet long.

    Should I skip adding a guide wire in the narrow corridor? The wires would be REALLY close!

    How does the mower know the complete mowing area of AREA 1 without coming back through the corridor?
    How does the mower know the complete mowing area of AREA 2 without going through the corridor and going to AREA 1?

  2. 1) Do you have a recommended fence cut width? (if the boundary wire goes go around the edges of the fence opening I know it's a minimum 2 ft between boundary wires)
    2) if you have the boundary wires going around the opening in the fence for automatic passage handling, what is the minimum distrance between the guide wire and right boundary wire if you have the guide wire offset to the right (instead of the middle)
    3) if you have the boundary wire surrounding the opening in the gate, would you recommend automatic passage handling over corridor width?

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