Why it's important to empty the fuel tank before a break in use

Your petrol-powered STIHL machine will not be used for more than 30 days? Regardless of whether it is a chainsaw, a cut-off machine or a brushcutter – the engine should be prepared for a longer break in use.
During storage, reactions of the individual fuel components can occur, which can lead to deposits in the carburettor and thus impair performance.
To avoid the resulting running problems, only two steps are necessary: Empty the fuel tank and run the carburettor dry.
In this video, we show you exactly how your machine is ready for use again even after a long rest period and how it can be reliably restarted.

For optimum performance, excellent engine lubrication and maximum cleanliness, we also recommend STIHL MotoMix. The premixed fuel without ethanol remains stable for a long time and can be stored for up to 5 years.

Find out more about STIHL MotoMix here:

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13 thoughts on “Why it's important to empty the fuel tank before a break in use”

  1. I've had a STIHL MS-261 C-M for some firewood cutting, but nowadays, once it starts, it runs like a champ, but once I squeeze the throttle it immediately chokes out and dies, despite having the starting steps done correctly, what should I do?

  2. I always use stihl moronic no problem it has a 2 year shelf life no ethanol it also has fuel stabilizer in it. When you dump out the fuel it dries out the fuel lines

  3. Stihl technician here. in my opinion when the operator do this its actualy worse. why? when you run the machine to empty the lines and carburetor its impossible to completly empty the carb and there will always stay the remeains of the fuel. In the period of 6months the lines, diaphragms and fuel filter becomes hard and it starts to break. its better to leave fuel inside and you empty the tank and replace with fresh mix when you need the machine again after long storage(1 to 6months). On the other side yes motomix is the best option.

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