Why We Went With The Worx Landroid Over The Husqvarna AutoMower

Choosing the right robotic lawn mower for your situation is not always easy. There are a few things to look at such as max cut height, max yard size, ease of …


50 thoughts on “Why We Went With The Worx Landroid Over The Husqvarna AutoMower”

  1. Have thrown away my worx after 2 years of use. There was always something wrong with it. Either sensor or display. Was finding it stuck all the time in new places. It was bought new 2017. Perhaps unlucky me, but never again

  2. Excellent review. I'd like a robot without boundary wire. On a rectangular garden with enclosed walls boundary wire should be necessary.
    Any idea on it will become a reality?

  3. What about the 315X? $2000.00. The 450X is for 1.25 acres and the WR140 only cuts up to .25 acres. This is like comparing a Ford F150 to a Ford F350. Both great mowers as we use both of them.

  4. Electronic blade height adjustment is only of use if you need the machine to change height for different mowed areas or to raise the blade to cross gravel paths, neither feature being yet available.

  5. Great video. In my opinion regardless of which automower you decide to buy, if you have a large backyard and some parts of it are bumpy automowers with four wheels are doing a better job and not getting so easily stuck. That's one of the reasons why my second robotic lawn mower is Husqvarna.

  6. If I had $3,500 I would retire……for a few weeks. Then I would get back to my old job of riding around on commercial mowers in light rain, leaving large clumps of grass everywhere.

  7. okay, so now that you have had both brands for a while, what are your thoughts on the Worx vs. Husqvarna? Still like the Landroid? I could use your help/suggestions as I'm ready to purchase. I have a gate between the front and back yards I'd have to figure out. Thank you.

  8. Very thorough presentation which was much appreciated. I just watched an infomercial and went right to reviews of the product. Ran across your video and received really good feedback. I feel like I can make an informed decision based on your video. Great job 👏

  9. I just got the 430X Husqvarna Automower. Called them yesterday and they will be down sometime next week to do the installation on it. I know nothing about these mowers is why I've been watching your videos including the one on the Husqvarna.

  10. Did you do a review after using the new Landroid for a season? I'm not seeing it on your channel.

    I've had the old Landroid for 3 years, and looking to upgrade for 2021. Mine makes terrible ruts around my boundary wire, so I'm looking for one without that issue.

  11. I live in Australia and own a 450X, my auto mower does more than an acre of rough paddock type grass, no manicured lawn here as I live in the country on 14 acres. At first I was skeptical of how it would mow all this unmanicured grass which during summer is limited to weeds of all types with big tufts and heavy stalks and lots of dust and high temperatures, now in winter and down to minus temps we have lots of thick cape weed which is knocked down first with a ride on otherwise it becomes a hard knock like a tree which activates the sensors and won't go over it, at the moment it looks almost like a freshly manicured lawn in places. My mower runs for at least 3 hours at a time and charges for an hour and back out again, seven days a week, 6 am to midnight, rain or shine, it does not need to hide from anything, can mow in the rain if you want them to. It has logged 3346 hrs with 92.4 % cutting time since Feb 2018, the rest is going back to the charging station according to the app, any ride on would have long expired. Work out the cost off running a ride on in that time. The only thing that it has had a problem with is the auto connect board which has been replaced three times under warranty. Here they recently changed the signal for the board from 2G to 3G, the board is made in the UK and costs about $250. It loses the signal and you cannot operate it with your phone but still do all functions manually with the keyboard, not a huge problem but it is good to know what the mower is doing when you are not home and where it is, also if it gets stolen! I have the fitted the wheel brush kit which has recently been replaced with a new set and also the wheel kit with bigger knobs as my ground is not flat. It does get stuck from time to time if the ground is loose or very slippery and it digs a good hole!, but again not ideal conditions so I can't blame it. It would take me about 3 hours to mow all the grass and leave wind rows of grass all over the place, the difference with the automower is amazing. The only other thing is the fence or green wire, I put it on the surface in the the hot summer so it baked on dry patches and was not covered for a long time, this has lead to many breaks in the wire over time, I have since replaced over half of it with new wire as the ground is very soft at the moment and buried most of it with a machine I made from a modified lawn edger not wanting to pay thousands for a specific machine. This is the main achilles heel of this type of machine, finding breaks is sometimes frustrating if the machine did not cause it. I now use a battery powered electric fence energizer and you can hear were the break arcing or you can use multimeter that has a function which picks up the pulse like sensing a live house wire. AM radios don't work here or spark plugs on mowers, I do have the Husqvarna tool but it is hit and miss. I would love the new wire free satellite tech that husqvarna has and with the new 4WD mower, that would be ideal! Anyway, very happy with it for what I put it through. In Australia the 450X costs $4999, the 450X 4WD is $5999 and a TS342 land owner ride on is $5999.
    I know some people love mowing the lawn, we have lots of holiday property's around here and people come up to sit on there mowers all weekend, I think its sort of like therapy getting away from the city! I have other things to do!

  12. That's over double the price of the Husqvarna for a no name Chinese knock off. And given both models shown are dumb robots and don't use AI or a CMOS sensor to map and 'know' your lawn and just use bump and go with a guide wire they're both going to cost you more than buying a smarter mower will in the first year in electrical bills alone not to mention having to replace the blades MONTHLY for the dumb ones. That was an outrage tbh, imagine if you bought a car that costs $100 a week when it COULD cost $1 a week forever but the company wanted to pocket an extra $15 for a $2,000 product. I'd rather they charge me an extra $15 and not cost me a thousand dollars a year to run the bloody thing!

  13. It would be nice if you could first try a robot mower before buying. I really cant decide between the husqvarna and the landroid. Landroid because it goes really close to edges, my whole yard is surrounded with fences. But husqvarna has way more experience in the field and i think is more reliable than the landroid. Help me decide! 😁

  14. Good review, thanks! I mow the lawn with a 42", 16HP MTD riding mower that I bought 30 years ago for eight or nine hundred bucks. My only maintenance has been to replace the main belt about 3 times and the bags once. And I occasionally sharpen the blades. Mowing the grass atop a mower seems easy to me. The biggest positive to me for the robot mowers is they take up no space in the garage, unlike the MTD. But, like all things electronic, they will get better and cheaper with time and my MTD will one day need replacing. So I could go robotic in the future.

  15. The gps an add-on extra that u have to pay for?
    I take it that thw app function is not an extra and u dont have to pay for it? How good is the app and what does it allow u to do using the app?

  16. Thanks for the video, it's very helpful. Do you know if the charging stn could be placed in a corner and allow it to reverse into the stn rather than having the stn in the middle and having the mower drive in one way and then drive out the other?

  17. Thanks for this video, I am looking at both of these mowers, I was expecting to see more testing of both of these Lawn mowers, or at least an Update as you said you would be doing. But Nothing, no follow up, I have to assume that neither is still working, are these still working? Batteries are they still working, accepting a charge? or are both mowers junked now.

  18. How is the collision bumper working on the worx? Seen a couple of vids when the worx is not detecting obstacles and drive up on them or get stuck on a bush wheels spinning

  19. the Worx M700 was 600 Bucks for me and its perfect. On my qute steep area i simply put some additional weight into the back wheels and it has so much grip now, absolutely nice.

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