Worx Landroid App Walkthrough Latest Update Version 2.1.3

In this video I go over everything in the Landroid Worx App on my Iphone. Not sure what automatic scheduling is? Or how do I set scheduled times to mow? And what is hedgehog mode? Watch this video and have all your questions answered.

And if you have other questions about the Worx Landroid, ask away in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

0:00 – Intro
0:24 – Home
2:07 – My Landroid
2:18 – My Lawn
7:59 – Activity Log
8:13 – Statistics
8:41 – Firmware Update
8:57 – Settings
9:50 – Device Info
10:00 – Support

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7 thoughts on “Worx Landroid App Walkthrough Latest Update Version 2.1.3”

  1. Great video! Just got my landroid here in the Netherlands. First time owning a garden hehehe. Love seeing it work and now getting into tinkering. Thx for your help

  2. Thanks for this video! I bought landroid M500 today and I was thinking where to find a nice guide for the App… Then I found you video and everything is clear now! This is a useful tutorial! Do you know if is possible to find a release log somewhere just to understand what have been updated? Bye!

  3. This is an excellent video. Thank you so much. I just purchased a Landroid and after getting it all set up (connected to wifi and putting down the boundary wire) I was ready to start mowing but was a bit overwhelmed with all the options. I just wanted to get the mower to cut my lawn but wasn't sure how. I found this video and you went thru basically every option in the app and made it super easy to understand. I'm ready to start cutting now and I'm sure I would have spent a day reading and studying everything without this video. Once again , thanks a million. This was very helpful.

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