Worx Landroid Installation tips, Setup, Review & ACS Test #Ad

See how quickly the setup of your Worx Landroid installation can be carried out in my review video of the Landroid cordless robotic lawnmower. Here I cover installation tips and also put the ACS module to the test (also known as the Worx anti-collision system). In addition I explain what security and anti-theft features come with the Landroid to ensure no one can steal it.

This installation video is applicable for all Worx Landroid robotic lawn mower models, including the s300, m500, m700, wr130e and more. Specifically this video features the WIFI enabled s300 which I have in my garden in the UK. I also review the Landroid app which makes the setup of the mower so much easier over WIFI. See how great having a cordless robot mower can be, especially with the optional ACS module attached so it can slalom around obstacles on your lawn.

I test all the features common to the s300, m500 and m700 models, including cut to edge. As well as showing you how to lay the boundary wire effectively and how to best place the charging / docking station.

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0:00 Introduction
0:28 Placing Charging Station
1:26 Charging Landroid
1:41 Laying Boundary Wire
3:11 Landroid Set up
3:25 Security & Anti-theft
3:54 First run
4:10 Auto-schedule
4:29 Cut to edge
4:55 ACS (Anti Collision System)
5:48 Conclusion

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22 thoughts on “Worx Landroid Installation tips, Setup, Review & ACS Test #Ad”

  1. I’m so mad. Spent hours laying in the cable. Followed instructions to a Tee. But it gives ZERO advice to anything other then a 90 degree turn. It scraps and tears up the ground on my curved garden beds, essentially meaning I have to tear it up and start again.

  2. Hello thanks for the video. Can you share the difference of the border mentioned while fixing the wire please? I am not native English speaker and I am not sure about the flash border an other typology. Let s say, I have very geometric line of my grass border, on one side there is flat stones and other side the bushes, where the soil is covered by some stones and corks in order to avoiding the wild grass to grow where are the bushes. Based on that how far must be the wire far from those type of borders? Hope my question is clear.thanks for the great video 🎉

  3. HI. Are there any robot mower that you bought apart from landroid? if yes, compare to landroid, which one is better? Thank you (also if ACS is attached, does wire dont need or stil need?)

  4. Good, no waisted time, instructions. However, I wonder about the final statements regarding theft of Landroid. IF the Landroid only operates with the charging station it was set-up with, then what would happen if that charging station failed? Would a replacement charging station not operate the original Landroid? From the wording in this video one is left with this question.

  5. Does the ACS interfere with the edge cut feature? If a plant or tall grass is hanging over the edge, will it cut it or see it as an obstacle and avoid it? (IMHO, edge cut should be persistent, not using ACS).

  6. Awesome video, just what I needed when considering a purchase. Informational, pleasant and timestamped! Just a follow up question: Did you test the ACS using smaller items like tennis balls, apples or other things that does not reach above the units height? Thanks!

  7. Just wanted to say: had a problem with Landroid after rinsing the wheels with water. The keyboard stopped working. Remedy: REMOVE the battery IMMEDIATELY so that no more electricity flows and wait until everything has dried up. Then we went again. Recommendation; be careful when rinsing, especially from below. The keyboard connector should not be adequately protected against water. I will look at it when the opportunity arises and seal it accordingly.

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