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  1. I'm fortunate to have a bermuda grass lawn (live in the South), so I don't have any issues with the grass itself being an obstacle to the front wheels of the mower because the blades of the grass are super thin. The first few weeks I had it, it did get stuck in a few little "potholes" in the ground of my lawn. I just filled them in to make a smoother surface for the landroid to traverse. There's hardly a "level" area anywhere on my lawn, but I did make a very small effort to make it "smooth" and I haven't had to touch the thing in the past 2 months. It goes out, cuts the grass, and goes home. I too have an area, specifically the whole back yard, that it takes it a lot longer and more passes for it to completely finish mowing over about a week's time, basically mowing every other day for 4 hours. I haven't bothered to do zones yet, but that's my next step, to enable the mower to spend more time in the back yard. I'm pushing the limits of "1/2 acre"… I'm probably doing closer to 3/4 than 1/2. It took me a couple weeks to shift my thinking from "this should all be mowed today" to "Ok, it mows all week and everything is now cut". In fact, now that it has been cutting for a few months, it looks like smooth carpet out there. Another factor that I have that may help my landroid be more successful is that my ground is hard clay and any rain I get is down the hill and away in less than an hour, so I really don't have any mushy spots. Anyway… I digress. Thanks for the video and I hope you can make yours work for you. I worked with the Works Landroid customer support group a lot at first and they really were helpful. Like any "smart" device, I think these things have to be adapted to somewhat.

  2. I didn't experience the many issues you have for 12 months until I updated to the latest firmware believing it was better. I have now reverted the unit to an earlier firmware as I was finding I was getting out of bounds issues with their latest firmware which I didn't have before. Its a dumber unit, but it works good for me.

  3. You should send THIS VIDEO to the company and ask for their feedback. Maybe you need the bigger model with bigger wheels. Actually your lawn looks really good. But getting stuck all the time is unacceptable!

  4. I have had the same issues with my similar model as yours. I just mounted new offroad wheels from Worx. They are about 1kg heavier and they seem to solve the problem. So far the last 4 hour of cutting has been without troubles.

  5. I’ve had my Landroid for approximately a month now with a complex lawn and have had no issues with it getting stuck or going outside the boundary wire. I did have to make boundary wire adjustments initially where I laid the wire too close to objects or made angles too sharp but haven’t had any issues since correcting. While watching your video seeing how your bot is behaving makes me think your unit might be somewhat defective or perhaps needs a software update. Also I have my cutting height set to level 4, I’m not sure if that makes a difference with my bot not getting stuck. Overall my experience with Landroid has been awesome! I absolutely recommend to those considering buying. Lastly how well a person lays the boundary wire will definitely impact how satisfied the buyer will be with their Landroid.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to evaluate and post your observations on this mower, the "L" version is the one I had been looking at since it will cut up to almost 4" high (I cut my grass at 4 inches so as to provide some protection to the roots from our hot dry summers, and so I don't have to water as much) but I'm also noticing a lot of folks adding those spike wheels to the existing wheels which tells me they have some sort of traction issue going on there. Hopefully you are able to get it sorted out because I know the reason was to make your life easier, and I see it the same way.

  7. My lawn has some steep angles to it so it was having trouble staying inside the wire. This was actually caused by wheel slippage on the grass.

    THE FIX…

    Screw one sheetmetal screw into each tread block. This will leave the head of the screw exposed for grip like an ice racing tire on a motorcycle. This $3 mod completely solved my “out of bounds” issues instantaneously.

  8. It looks like tje Landroid is not a good product. May be Ambrogio and Husqvarna are much better. Ambrogio seems to be the best far behind. But Husqvarna has a strong network of offices and less noise.

  9. The cut height on my Landroid is set to 2 inches, so if that's too long for it to handle perhaps I should've purchased a riding lawnmower. I think most would agree, I paid over $1,400.00 for this landroid plus another $160.00 for the garage, another $140.00 for the off limits module,  and another $300.00 dollars for the Find My Landroid GPS Location Anti Theft Device which I'll have to spend $50.00 a year to keep the service activated so I can locate my landroid if it gets stolen since it stays outside that if it isn't able to mow a yard, that's not perfectly level, then i suggest one considers their choice in a lawnmower wisely before making a purchase. Besides, my landroid gets stuck, a majority of the time, on my level part of my yard. The wire is installed as the instructions indicate and because the wire has to be away from the edge, I have to still use a push mower around the boundary to get what the landroid doesn’t reach. My yard was contoured, when the neighborhood was built, for proper drainage of rain water. To completely level my yard could cause drainage issues.

  10. Man, that is one bumpy lawn, grass is long and clumpy, not surprised bot gets stuck and overshoots guide wire, suggest you invest some time, level your lawn and reduce the grass height, also spikes fitted to bots wheels help it get a grip, stops slippage and wheel spin especially if grass is wet. I had a few problems at first but spent time sorting things out, now my bot mows on auto schedule every day without any problems at all, lawn has never looked better, bot is the best thing I have ever purchased for the garden.

  11. 1. I think your grass is to long therefore front wheels get stuck and not enoght mass/pressure on rear wheels and grip. Try to add some mass on top as an experiment to increase the weight of the robot and grip 😉
    2. Try to cut lower

  12. The reason for the landroid to get stuck might be the grill like metal element next to the knife. I have seen other demount it and the droid don’t get stuck anymore. It a ten minute operation so it might be worth trying.

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