12 thoughts on “WORX Landroid M WR 140 Setup Review”

  1. Hi ! I have just watched your VDO that I found very helpful as I am considering buying a Landroid Robotic M140 Mower (one of the "Cuts the Edge" models).
    It would be very helpful if you could let me know :
    1) Does the mower run over the perimeter wire in order to mow the edge ?
    2) Is ONLY the perimeter wire required ? (as other models require an additional guide wire to lead the mower back to the base station).
    3) Can the base station be fixed partly on the grass and partly on the paved border ? (or does the base station have to be fixed entirely on the grass ?
    Any answers to the above questions would be most helpful.
    Thank you, in advance, for your help.
    Hope that your Worx Landroid is still doing a good mowing job for you !

  2. always set 1 st zone far from charge station work your way back too charge station so last zone is done when batt gets low he want have far to go for re charge. makes big diff when your batt start getting older. chris

  3. I am in process of purchasing a L 150 but I wanted to get clarification on initial cut task. Does the Landroid ignores zones when it does the perimeter cut and then after that it follow zone boundaries? And is there a configuration so it does not think the drive way is cut zone? I ran my wire already but I use two different grooves in the drive way to create a path across.

  4. Thanks for the video. I just bought a Landroid M and I'm doing my homework before setting up the boundary wire. In what circumstances did you use the enclosed triangle measuring device; i.e., the triangle shaped hunk of cardboard, to extend the wire past a corner and then back toward the boundary. Seems to me like it is not needed unless you are going around an obstacle, like the corner of the house, a shed, etc. that the machine could bump into if it made a sharp turn. I wouldn't think it would be needed at a corner of the yard adjoining my neighbor's yard for example — nothing to bump into. Is that correct?

  5. Hey there I just got a WR130E and plan on setting up 2 zones. I have the IOS phone version. Now do I tell the landroid zone 1 is done when it reaches the junction between zone 1 and 2 or does he have to complete the whole tour of zone 1 and then I don't know how, tell him to go to zone 2. I ask because my zone 1 zone 2 junction is close to the base starting point.That means about 60 feet after he starts he finds the junction. But still has over 300 feet of zone 1 to cover before he does a full circle of zone 1.

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