Worx Landroid M WR142E Robot Lawn Mower – Lithium-ion battery – M700 – Customer's operating video

The Landroid M WR142E Robot Lawn Mower is equipped with the fastest and most efficient mulching cutting system thanks to the sturdy 18 cm steel blades and a special cutting that reaches the edges of the lawn. It is very powerful and equipped with large wheels, which guarantee a high grip on every turf.

Landroid M WR142E features:

Side Charge. The charging station is camouflage, since it is made of a grid where grass can grow and can be maintained regularly each time that the robot returns to the charging station.
Side Cutting. It cuts grass as near as possible to the edge of the lawn minimizing the need to cut it with the manual edge trimmer (that requires time and effort).
AIA. The patented AIA technology allows to significantly reduce working times and enables the machine to pass through narrow and difficult to reach places. Each time Landroid reaches the edge of the lawn, it turns to the right direction (unlike other robot models that stop and turn blindly).
PowerShare. The Landroid battery is shared and it can be used with other Worx cordless tools. It is possible to carry out all tasks with the same battery of the robot.
Worx Landroid M WR142E robot lawn mower is fully automatic. The robot is already pre-set to get the best result, but it can be modified depending on the operator’s necessities by means the Wi-Fi, thanks to the Worx App or through the useful simplified display. Delimiting the scope of the working area is easy: PERIMETER WIRE AND PEGS SUPPLIED. By connecting Landroid to a Wi-Fi, it can create the ideal working program by itself. By means the cloud computing, the robot adjust the working cycle according to the growing speed of the grass. It establishes the best treatment for your lawn considering: grass type, sun irradiation, water supply, temperature, etc.

MULTIPLE AREAS: It can manage several independent areas of the garden connected through a driveway or a strip of grass and come back after completing each area. It is also equipped with the inverse blade rotation and the rain sensor, which gives the robot the imput to return to the cover station in case of rain.
It can also work even in slopes up to 35%.

Suitable for surfaces up to 700 m².

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