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  1. J'ai cette tondeuse, avec une pose correcte du câble (26cm). J'ai rebouché quelques trous. Et elle fonctionne parfaitement et fait bien son travail. Boucher les trous et poser correctement le câble, ca ira mieux.
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    I have this mower, with a correct laying of the cable (26cm). I filled in a few holes. And it works perfectly and does its job well. Fill the holes and correctly lay the cable, it will be better.

  2. Literally the worst review ever. I have one of these and it's absolutely amazing. This guy clearly doesn't know how to read the directions because you're supposed to mow your lawn before you start using the landroid and then it will maintain it. And he has holes and divots all over..its not made for offroading buddy lol. Also, if it's "hitting the fence and getting stuck" then you placed the boundary wire too close to the fence, all you have to do is move the wire further from the fence 🤦‍♂️

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