WORX Landroid Unboxing and Setup – Robot Lawnmower First look

How easy is it to setup a Robot Lawnmower? Trev takes the Worx Landroid from box to mowing in this look at what is required to get started!

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5 thoughts on “WORX Landroid Unboxing and Setup – Robot Lawnmower First look”

  1. hi, how problematic is a noise generated by mower. how far from mower have you to sit to not hear it. I live in completly silent area and it is my main concern.

  2. The fact that you can't put lay the border edge closer to the fence or curb doesn't make any sense. If you put the wire or line along the driveway or sidewalk wouldn't the mower cut more up to the edge and turn around? Having to go back and weed whack the all the edging around the yard is just as annoying as mowing.

  3. Trev, don’t you pay people to do this for you?? I looked at the Husqvarna model a few months ago which is almost the price of a ride on. I don’t know if you mentioned the price of the Workx model?

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