5 thoughts on “Worx Landroid Update 3 Months Later”

  1. Hi. Can you please tell me how much time charging and how much time cutting grass? Is it always charging a full 240 minutes? Thank you.

  2. Looks like you might very well appreciate a product by Bruckman Rubber.
    Speak with Donna there, she's a wonderful person to work with, very sweet, and straight to the point.
    The product is called "Weed Seal", and it is sheet rolled rubber. Yes, there's a bit of expense to it, but time is money too, and it's probably going to eliminate the weedwhipping and allow the fence to be far more attractive, especially with the coloration of your fence.
    So I'm doing a shadowbox fence now, and I ordered the 12". For 380', and something like 55 post protectors, I believe it was roughly $1,200 all total? But I ended up with a lot leftover from the rolls.
    It's kind of a pain to cut, but it's very doable.
    I'm not sure if you would be using the post protector or not for an after the fact install?
    But seriously, check the product out, I think it's pretty slick, and I definitely think it would make your fence truly stand out too.
    Great honest review by the way, that looks like a decent hill, and I'm impressed by it being trouble free for the mower

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