Worx Landroid versus Pine Cones

I had a question about what would happen if the Worx Landroid ran over sticks or pine cones, so I made a video to show the results.

And introducing Molly, my Belgian Malinois.

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9 thoughts on “Worx Landroid versus Pine Cones”

  1. Thank you for the great vids! You are the reason I bought a Landroid. I haven't unboxed it yet, I'll do that on the weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing how well it works for me. 🙂

  2. Merci pour cette superbe vidéo test du worx. J'ai acheté ce produit (worx M1000 WR143e) et j'en suis satisfait. Christophe, je suis français et je vis a Rouen. Merci pour vos videos.

  3. Thanks for doing these videos on the Landroid. I was curious, but I currently have a mulching lawnmower and with it, I will cut up the leaves that fall from a tree, so I don't have to rake them up. Is it capable of cutting them up like a mulching lawnmower would do? Also, I got a lot of rain where I am at, so some of my yard will be flooded for a couple of days, depending on how much rain we get. Does it know how to avoid those sections of the grass that might be flooded? Next, how do you store this during the winter? Do you have to bring it in? Does it handle/act any differently between warm and cold temperatures? Finally, I noticed you have a fenced in yard. I am guessing you still have to go around with a weed eater to clean up what it can't do. Is this correct? And with your fenced in yard, are you able to do your front yard as well?

  4. Thanks for the upload and your efforts! Very informative! How does it know if it's raining? Does it work solely off the perimeter wire without needing internet availability? Without needing WIFI availability? I live on about 10 acres, mostly wooded and rural, a small farm with no internet, and have been thinking about getting half a dozen or so of these to take the mowing chores off my hands, giving me more time for other things. Sadly after watching this video I realize it just isn't realistic. Too many hazards, limbs falling daily, etc…

  5. Searching for a good robot mower now for 3weeks…. Have 2 selected now worx or greenworks optimow.
    ..my lawn is not perfect and had some holes in it….. You got some tips?

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