Worx Landroid vision new firmware 20230524

New uppdaterad 20230524
Even before the update it today started to return to the home base automatically without any fails.
The app stoped working after update of the app but not updated the robot, now the robot updated automatically and the app works again.
It’s getting better!

Video in 2x speed

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9 thoughts on “Worx Landroid vision new firmware 20230524”

  1. Is it supposed to just abruptly stop the way it is in this video? It almost looks like it's being impeded, or it's seeing something that isn't there. I've got a Landroid which obviously keeps going in one direction until it hits an obstacle or the boundary wire, but this looks to be almost completely random.

  2. I had the same issue after the app update yesterday and was super close to raise a support ticket as also the mower told me it has no wifi connection. All of a sudden it then got the firmware update and connection is working again. I sent the mower right into exploring mode, but this ended up very disappointing. It got stuck two times at a position which was no issue with the previous firmware. At another larger brown spot it turned in circles and finally gave up without finishing exploring.

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