Worx Landroid vs Aluminum Pooper Scooper – This Video Shows the Results of Landroid cutting Aluminum

My Worx Landroid ran over a metal pooper scooper and ended up cutting up the metal edge. Here is a quick video to show you the damage it did to the metal and to give a warning to make sure the yard is picked up before running Landroid. And do not rely on the ACS to avoid objects, people, and pets.

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2 thoughts on “Worx Landroid vs Aluminum Pooper Scooper – This Video Shows the Results of Landroid cutting Aluminum”

  1. About to buy a Landroid due to your review. Curious if I can use those landscape fabric staples to stake the perimeter wires, like these 6 Inch 150 Pack Galvanized Landscape Staples. How much perimeter wire you think I would need? According to Google Map our area 3,386 Sq Ft and a total distance 238 ft.. Again, thanks to your reviews

  2. Actually, based on your videos, I decided to buy a Landroid L since I wanted the 4" cut height, added the ACS and Find my Landroid options, and so far I'm still on the fence if it was worth it. The L is supposed to be good for .5 acres, and the initial factory setting had it running Monday through Friday, 6 hours a day for a total of 30 hours a week. I am assuming that is adequate to mow that .5 acres. I have only .11 acres so I figured proportionally 6 hours would be enough. It wasn't. I kept incrementing the hours per week and now I am up to 25 hours a week and it still keeps missing areas around the yard so I am now considering the zoning feature to constrain it to parts of the yard. Do you have an suggestions for that mode of operation or what I could do next to get it to cut more efficiently and have less missed areas?

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