Worx Landroid WR147E.1 Robot Lawn Mower with Perimeter Wire – Charging station assembly tutorial

The Landroid WR147E.1 robot lawn mower is the ideal product for the care of your lawn and it will satisfy all your needs. Enjoy your free time thanks to this fully automatic cutting device!

Recommended for surfaces up to a max. of 1000 m². Moreover, with this product you’ll be able to perfectly mow your lawn, even if unlevelled and with narrow passages and other obstacles.
It is equipped with the fastest and most powerful mulching system and the characteristic Cut-To-Edge system. The brushless motor is powered by a 20V 4 Ah battery which can be fitted to the other Worx PowerShare products.
The installation system will not require specific assistance as the package already includes perimeter wire and locking pegs. Once defined the working perimeter, you will just need to press a button in order to operate the robot Ambrogio, which returns to its charging station autonomously.

Landroid M WR147E.1 robot lawn mower is fully automatic. The cutting tool is already pre-programmed in order to obtain the best results. However, it is also possible to change the scheduled programme depending on your needs via Wifi, Bluetooth and even using Alexa, thanks to the Worx Landroid App or the handy simplified display.
The efficient working cycles ensure the mowing operations of the whole lawn very quickly and precisely, with the additional possibility to manage more than only one area. Furthermore, it is also possible to adjust the cutting height of the floating cutting deck from 30 mm to 60 mm, which is ideal for gardens with uneven terrain.
It is also equipped with the rain sensor, which ensures that the robot returns to its charging station in case of unfavorable weather conditions. The robotic lawn mower can work on maximum 35% slopes.

Main benefits:
Safe and silent: Brushless induction motor without sliding electrical contacts;
Side Cutting: The Cut-To-Edge enables to cut the grass as close as possible to the edge of the lawn, minimizing the need to go through the manual edge trimmer.
Patented AIA Technology: The robot evaluates the best mowing route and manages the hardest ones.
PowerShare: The Landroid battery can be fitted to the other cordless Worx products;
Side Charge: The recharging station is barely visible;
The warranty can be extended up to 3 years if the Customer registers the robotic lawn mower on the manufacturer’s official website.

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