6 month Robomow robotic mower update! (it’s not good)

Sadly I cannot recommend robomow currently for your robotic mower needs. if they happen to help correct this situation I will be sure to mention that but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I do however currently recommend Husqvarna Automowers, I’ve never had to use their support or service but I had one that was problem free for about 4 years so I feel comfortable recommending.
this is a link to the one I have,
they do make bigger and smaller models that one’s kind of in the middle.

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13 thoughts on “6 month Robomow robotic mower update! (it’s not good)”

  1. I had the same issue with the charging head, the print/board plastics where completely cracked open and most of the board was corroded. I'm from Germany and paid 169 euro for the replacment head.

    For the rest in my 3 year owning the robomow rs635 pro, replaced 4 drive motors, 1 battery, 1 chargehead 2 frontwheels, and two side wheels. tht included the new price of the machine makes it an expensive machine to operate.

    One tip, build a shelter (robohome) so when charging the machine and docking station is out of the direct sunlight, that way the print/board doesn't cook inside it's plastic housing. Also regularly replace the grease in de drivemotor gears, and while you're at it also replace bearings in all wheels.

  2. I have very similar experience with Robomow RS625Pro. Push notifications did works only sometimes. Now does not work at all. After first year using robomow, service must replace my battery – it was not work. Iphone app cant connect to robomow, only Android app. Small shaft was broken on wheel – no way to order it, only whole motor with gear for 260Eur. After 4 years of using is display hery hard readable. Helpdesk answer only sometimes, and after long time… This is my first and also last robomow.

  3. I have very similiar experience. My Robomow RK 3000 pro doesn't work good. Its getting stick with cutted grass, all over underneath. Blades, sensors motors, everything is stuck after two days working. My dealer took my robomow to the general dealer in Poland and gave me two smaller mowers but from different brand and they worked just fine – no service. They mowed grass very nice and no needs any of my attention. After test General dealer said that I need to clean Robomow much often, because maybe my grass growing to fast, maybe there is moisture in the grass. I need to make movie and put it on YouTube also, because they want to sent it back to me without doing anything on it.

  4. I had the SAME experience. It worked well for about 4 months. Then over the winter (kept indoors) it started acting a little strange.There was no phone service, only email support and the response time was over a week most of the time. Went back and forth with them until I was out of warranty. Then they tried to charge me for a new base station unit. After MUCH discussion and being put on and off of hold for hours, I finally got through to someone that just gave up and sent the new unit.

    Still had issues. I ended up buying a new logic board and a new battery AND I laid all new perimeter wire. Never got it to work properly again. I think the company changed hands since then and response times got worse.

    I ended up putting the thing in the shed and buying and electric riding mower instead.

  5. Thanks for the video. I had an earlier generation when the product was named Robomower and the company was called Friendly Robotics. It was a simpler product with lead acid batteries and no automatic charging station. It just stopped wherever it ran out of power and you had to pull out the battery and connect it to a charger. Since it was a simpler device, it had better reliability than you experienced. The main problem was that after a year or so the lead acid batteries would lose the ability to hold a charge and need to be replaced. I’ve eyed the newer generation like yours from time to time. I appreciate your video about the problems you have experienced.

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