This Simple & Cheap Hack on your Landroid Worx Lawn Mower will prevent it from getting stuck

Dear Viewers,
Do you have a Landroid Worx Lawn Mower Robot which is getting stuck?
We tried this hack on it and it is working nicely without damaging our lawn.
We fixed a screw on every second spike on the wheel. This gives the grip it needs.
Do this if you are convinced you can live with this wheel and can replace the wheel. I am not liable for your damages.

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16 thoughts on “This Simple & Cheap Hack on your Landroid Worx Lawn Mower will prevent it from getting stuck”

  1. This made all the difference! It works perfectly for my sloped yard. I have tried weights behind the back wheels, with about 70% improvements, but this hack made it work 100%! Thanks a lot for this cheap solution.

  2. And at the end of video we can see it not work (maybe work, but not perfect) cause screws and whole wheels are glued with soil again.
    U have to cower places with no grass by plastic net it prevent to collecting wet dirt on the wheels.
    My problem was droid was diging holes in ground (very sandy soil) and plastic net work fin (need to use plastic nails ofcorse)

  3. Tried on mine and it caused it to back off of the curb at the bottom of a small hill. Removed the screws and added 2.5lb weight to the back and now have no traction issues plus it says on the curb.

  4. Thank you! I live in Florida, USA, a very hot climate close to the beach. My soil is pure sand, very dry. Roots do not have a strong grip so my Landroid has destroyed parts of the lawn. Almost the entire perimeter is effected. On a sloped area, there is no more grass and I cannot plant grass again until a cooler time of year. I keep moving the Landroid perimeter line, so my lawn is getting smaller and smaller. I started mulching areas and putting other types of boarders on the edges so the Landroid won't continue to chew up the lawn. Also someone told me to plant stronger grass and fertilize to get the grass to grow thicker. THAT would defeat the purpose of the Landroid, which is to make less work for me! LOL Also, only certain grasses grow here.
    My Landroid drives over sidewalk and my cement driveway. If I try something like this, do you think the metal spikes will leave marks in the cement? Maybe not because it is pretty light. Maybe I can find a rubber or plastic spike or screw. Or maybe I can insert metal screws then spray with a. plastic coating like PlastiDip. I will also try removing the plate grill under the blade wheel like Mr. Algotsson suggested here. If VFL or anyone else has further comments or suggestions, I will appreciate your input!

  5. I have a Worx Landroid M500 WR141E and solved this issue in a different way:
    Under the knife plate is a sort of "fork" that (I think) is aimed to guide the grass to the knives. I removed this, and it has never got stuck after.
    To remove it is very easy:
    Be assure the mower is powered off – eventually remove battery.
    Turn the mower upside down.
    Remove the 3 screws that hold the knife plate and lift it up.
    Remove the 4 screws that holds the "fork" and remove it.
    Re-attach the the knife plate and tighten the screws.
    I have a lawn that is not perfectly flat, and this does 2 things:
    Prevents the "fork" to hit the ground making the mower stop, and reduce weight on the front wheel. Yes, the fork part is pretty heavy!
    Nothing is destroyed and can be re-attached if wanted.
    An image of the underside showing the knife plate and "fork" to the left:

  6. We used a couple pounds of weight over the rear wheels instead. We have a 50-foot cement sidewalk that gets crossed over many times a day so thr weight worx great with no toll on battery life.

  7. You mention having to cut the heads off of the screws but your video shows the screws with the heads still on. Did you end up not cutting them off? Asking because I plan on doing this asap to solve ours getting stuck.

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