Are Robot Mowers Any Good? Husqvarna Automower Review

Does the Husqvarna Automower Robotic lawn mower actually work? In this video Brett Goodyear from the YouTube Channel: Brett’s Grasscapades shares about his experience using a robot mower. Brett loves mowing his grass and so this new experience has had many interesting pros and cons. Brett talks about what it is like to go out of town while the robotic automower stays home and mows.

In addition to an honest review of taking care of his lawn with a robotic mower, Brett also talks about his experiences working for the Lawn Care Nut Allyn Hane at Yard Mastery. Thanks again for Brett Goodyear taking the time to chat with us on the Green Industry Podcast on our 2022 Kickoff Tour powered by Kohler Engines, Exmark and CompanyCam.

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2 thoughts on “Are Robot Mowers Any Good? Husqvarna Automower Review”

  1. I have a Husqvarna Automover 435 AWD (due to slope), and I love it. Had it for two season and going into the third. I travel a lot, so maintaining my lawn on regular basis is a challenge. I turn down the frequency when Im planning to do a manual round. The cut quality is very good, and my lawn have never looked as good as after few weeks after I turned my automover on. After you get it dialed in, it is rock solid! Bret: Looking forward to a review of what you have in your yard 🙂

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