Automower Charging Station Blocked & Charging Station Error Caused By Charging Current Supervisor

If your Husqvarna Automower was given a software update after the fall of 2021 then it has the new charging current supervisor feature. This is a feature that Husqvarna created in the mower’s software to help protect the Automower’s batteries while charging. The way it works is the mower will come into dock in the charging station and when it parks it will be looking to sense at least 80% of the charging current that it needs to properly charge the battery or batteries. If it does not sense at least 80% of the charging current it requires, it will then leave the charging station and attempt to dock again to see if there is a change in the amount of current it senses. It will dock and leave the charging station up to 8 times before it finally gives up and sends an error message. There are 2 different errors that can be given by the mower when it experiences this issue. One is the charging station blocked error and the other is charging station error 30. The purpose of this feature being installed in the mower’s software is to prevent damage to the Automower’s battery and extend the eservice life of the battery (Or batteries depending on the model).

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5 thoughts on “Automower Charging Station Blocked & Charging Station Error Caused By Charging Current Supervisor”

  1. Thanks for the comprehensive info.
    If it is ok any use to anyone, here's some info about a problem I had with my Automower 420.
    It is just over 3.5 years old now.
    For a lot of months it had been intermittently not charging even though it was docked.
    I had a cheap third party battery in it off eBay.
    I thought this might be the problem.
    I paid a sizeable amount of money (as well as a sizeable drive) to get a genuine battery installed by a dealer (apparently it needed a firmware update before it would take the new style battery).
    It didn't fix the intermittent charging but the new firmware introduced the behaviour above where it would reverse out of the station and say 'charging system problem' (sometimes 'charging station blocked).
    To cut a very long story short, one of the wires in the charging station, just before where it is crimped and bolted onto the charging strip had basically fallen apart inside the sheathing (so it wasn't obviously broken), and sometimes the 2 ends would touch enough to charge OK (about 88%), and sometimes it would give 0%.
    Hopefully this is the only problem and it is 100% fixed. If not I'll report back. Thanks again.

    Also, I have to say I'm not super impressed with Husqvarna. It has given a fair few problems, mostly over the last year and a half, once it was out of warranty.
    Also the new firmware has introduced a new problem where when it (very occasionally) gets stuck in my rockery and tries to reverse out, instead of stopping after a few seconds it continues to spin the wheels for ages (I'm not sure the exact time but looking at the wholes under the back wheels I'd say at least 10 minutes and still spinning before I noticed and lifted it). Dealer says he spoke with Husqvarna and they say this definitely not caused by firmware update (but this is the first time it has done this in 3.5 years of use 2 days after the upgrade). Apparently there is no option to go back to earlier firmware..
    Also, apparently the original battery (which was very good) usually lasts more than 2 years, so it may be a good idea not to replace it when it is 2 years old with a rubbish 3rd party battery off eBay.

  2. I can say that I have fixed quite a few of these issues lately and the majority of them were due to loose connections on the eyelet on the charging plates. I check that first thing on these errors as the docking station upper tower portion seems to be the weak link in most cases so far! Thanks for the information.

  3. Great content again cheers,, where are you getting this content from ? i training up to be a service technician and have done all the husqvarna study i can get my hand on threw husqvarna University,,, thanks from NZ

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