I mow a STRANGERS YARD with this HOVER MOWER! (Random Acts Of Mowing Ep 2)

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In this Random Acts Of Mowing we use a Flymo hover mower and a Power station to mow a random persons yard free of charge.

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WARNING This video contains OVERGROWN grass, weeds and long edges.
Questionable weed eating/whipper snipping/slashing and Lawn mowing/cutting techniques.
This is how I cut long grass.
You may find it to be Oddly satisfying and relaxing or infuriating to watch.

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What _____ do you use?
These are the Lawn Care Tools and Machines I use
Mowers SCAG V-Ride 2 32″
21 Inch Self propelled with Loncin Engine
Honda HRU19
Trimmers: Stihl FSA90R Battery Honda UMK425
Brushcutter: Stihl FS240R
Blower: Stihl BGA85 Battery
Edger: ATOM 561
Utility Mower: Bushranger 53TKU7

Who Are You?
I’m a part time mower guy from Sydney, Australia and I enjoy making videos of yard transformations.

Why do you do…?
I haven’t been doing this forever and I don’t profess to know everything.
Happy to hear alternate methods and efficient ways of doing things.

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25 thoughts on “I mow a STRANGERS YARD with this HOVER MOWER! (Random Acts Of Mowing Ep 2)”

  1. It looked and sounded like a vacuum. So it was basically a Vacuum cleaner with a blade attached to the bottom. I was lucky that my dad didn't make me mow with a hazard (I.E. the power cord), I learned to weed eat on a Shindaiwa, and used a craftsman ride mower… love your videos by the way.

  2. Proof is the pudding, Mate i can see why Flymo is only sold at Mitre10 its piece of shit from what i observe you mowed the same area 5 times until you gave up a small patch like that with a real mower would of done in 2 mins but flymo took you x 5 the amount of time. Like you said to old mate if you see him buy one you will be disappointed. It was generous of you to mow his lawn for free sometimes our lives preoccupied with work it looked like old mate had come back from work or was going to sork.

  3. I have a 1964/65 Toro Flymo. You don’t see many hover mowers in the United States. What is the point is messing around with these battery operated ones? Seems like a lot of hassle with no real advantage. You have to waste time charging them up from the outlet which is connected to a power plant. The batteries degrade each time they are charged. Battery capacity fluctuates due to heat and cold. The batteries eventually fail and are costly to replace. The old gas ones are not only vastly better looking,but super reliable and easy to service if you ever have too.
    I don’t want to mess around with battery operated toys that run down before I’ve finished cutting my lawn.

  4. I found a 2 stroke Flymo in SF around 1985, it was fun to use but ended up selling it and just use string trimmer. I noticed your gas meter and water service is in the middle of your lawn unprotected, could be kicked over wearing a pair of slippers, the pipes should be protected with pvc coverings and metal pipes in the ground to protect it at a minimum , it looks like hell in the middle of the lawn. In the states the gas meter would be built into a plywood box under your stairs or built into the front of your house and vented and protected with small doors . The water meter would be in a cement box flush with the sidewalk, both with electronic reading. The high class neighborhoods to live in, the grass would be cut with a mostly a gas mower with a bag to pick up cuttings because they turn yellow when cut and a nice cut dark green lawn with sharp edges looks great.

  5. I have spent probably 500 hours using a 2 or 4 stroke hover mower over the last 25 years cutting grass at a friends large property. There are three areas where they excel above all other mowers; 1/ They are brilliant on steep slopes and around the sloping margins of golf bunkers and ponds. 2/ They are great on small irregular shaped pieces of grass where its tricky to mow in a straight line. This is because they cut sideways so well and because you can mow in an arc without moving your feet 3/ Around trees. Its around trees where they are underappreciated. The area I cut has about 120 small and medium closely spaced ornamental trees. I can stand in one position and cut all around a tree without moving my feet. I have timed it and I can cut around trees about 80% faster with a hover mower than a small cylinder or rotary which matters for me when I have so many to cut around.

  6. A suggestion to repay the kindness of the Blue Eddy company would be to use it to recharge your batteries for the Stihl Battery Equipment.
    This company gives many of these machines away to YouTube Creaters.

  7. I really liked the video, a nice situation, the demonstration with a free lawn mowing !!! Very interesting the technology that day by day is becoming more practical for its use, also, in this case I was able to translate it so I understood everything you said perfectly, a big greeting !!!!!

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