ROBOT LAWN MOWER! Gardena Sileno Minimo 250 Install & Review


Watch me review and set up this robot lawn mower that Gardena gave me for free

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35 thoughts on “ROBOT LAWN MOWER! Gardena Sileno Minimo 250 Install & Review”

  1. Everyone wondering if its s good mower. YES its amazing, I have it for 6 months and it just works flawlessly! My brother has Honda Miimo (same as Bosch Indego) and its good but where Gardena kicks ass is its front wheel drive. Honda gets easily stuck since it has to push front wheels over obstacles (usually it digs drive wheels into ground) whilst Gardena just climbs over. I have plastic separators around the edge of the grass and Gardena just climbs over them easily to actually cut the edge.

  2. Nice but I need info on:
    1: narrow corridors like footpaths, typically 1-2 metres wide.
    2: multiple areas to break up 1 big job into 2 small areas.
    3: push under a fence if I cut in a hinged flap, without turning direction.

  3. I was thinking of getting the Minimo 500, but looking at how it cuts your lawn really make me wonder. The grass cut seems extremely uneven to the point that it looks like it's not cutting at all. Maybe it's an unfair comparison but it's kind of interesting how a robot lawn mower can get a way with such stupid navigation when a robot vacuum for half the price is navigating with almost millimeter precision. I know, lidar might not be that great outside but anyway.

  4. How did you actually find the initial Pin, the instruction manuals are extremely basic and I can not find any document with box that tells you what the default pin is the factory pin for the machine is, where did you find yours?

  5. I have this model and it works pretty well, the only problem I had was with the guide wire breaking a few times and then I had to do some creative patching. Around the edges I have to use a strimmer to get rid of the grass

  6. Good review and a very informative video to get to know Gardena better.
    I watched many reviews on youtube and finally bought Gardena Sileno Minimo 250. Few things to note, that I have not seen on any review or manual: it works only 5,5 hours a day. That means you have to really measure your lawn and make sure that it is 250 m2 and not more. I though that maybe I can let it run longer (like 8 hours) and it could cover a little bit bigger area. But it doesn't work that way! Tbh, I have no idea why… Like it will cut for 5,5 hours (witch charges in between) and then just sits in charging station saying „daily limit reached“. Of course, it is my fault for assuming, so no blame on Gardena here.

    But there is one thing that I haven't seen on manual or any review. It is a very IMPORTANT thing to note: when you put your boundary wire, put it not 35 cm (as they recommend) but 30 or 25 cm from your fence. Why? Because in the app you can change this distance but only to make it further, not closer… („Drive past wire“ setting goes from 20 to 35 cm). So if you put your wire at 35 cm and then you want to cut it a little bit closer to your fence, you CAN'T do that! There is no 36 cm option. But if you put 30 cm and then want to make it closer or further away – you will have a range that goes to BOTH sides. Check it on your app when you get Gardena yourself, you'll see what I'm talking about.
    This is really the only issue that we have with our Gardena. We put the boundary wire at 35 cm (as recommended) and now Gardena never touches our fence (it could go 2 cm closer to lightly touch it). And since we buried the wire, it is complicated to change this distance… I wish I knew that before installing the boundary wire.

  7. I bought it and the next day it stopped working. The right wheel is blocked and now I have to wait for the NEW product to go to service. Well done Gardena

  8. I had a Worx landroid (same concept). It worked pretty good, but my is a bit too large for the version I had. It would go past the boundary wire and shut off randomly on slight hilly areas. There is a new version that may be much improved, but it’s still 2x the price of this one depending on the model you get.

    Now, I you have a steep yard or steep sections you need the husqvarna version with 4wd and pivots in the middle. It is lik $5k though.

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