Beta test in Australia, Navimow performed a highly efficient mowing work!

Robot alert, Australia! Our Navimow has just landed Australia this week, and performed a highly efficient mowing session!

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22 thoughts on “Beta test in Australia, Navimow performed a highly efficient mowing work!”

  1. Yeah, now how about selling them all over the world. It's not hard to make a checkout process on your site and just ship us the mower. Not everything has to be done through a dealer. Eliminate the middle man

  2. 👎👎👎 turning manoeuvre is the same bad logic like the Worx, he turns too like a Tank on the spot !!!

    holy shit dont turn on the spot, drive a little bit backwards and turn in the same time

    Sorry, looks like the same unqualified prgrammer

  3. Finally a robot mower that does not need a perimiter line.
    I've told myself not to get a robot mower as long as they need the stupid perimeter line, guess it's time to get the wallet out and buy me one of these.

  4. Looks great. Can I be a tester in Northern Ireland? We have 2 x 700m2 lawns with some trees and obstacles to navigate, connected by a pathway 🙂

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