Conga: The MOST intelligent Robotic Lawn Mower TO DATE!

You can back the Conga G1/Pro Smart Lawn Mower at: If you just want to spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time working on it, I found this Conga is a smart, easy-to-use, and practical robotic lawn mower for you.

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Here are the chapters:
00:00 – Intro
00:55 – Design
02:32 – How to Use
03:48 – Mowing Ability
04:45 – Is Conga ANY GOOD?
05:59 – Safety
06:44 – APP & Other Features
08:02 – Conclusion
09:30 – Outro & Outtakes

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11 thoughts on “Conga: The MOST intelligent Robotic Lawn Mower TO DATE!”

  1. English subtitles have been updated, turn them on if you need 😀 I was told that this project was supposed to go live on Oct 13 but due to some technical issues with Kickstarter, so they postponed it to Oct 18 (good things really take some time aha?) … anyway I hope you guys like the video..

  2. Great video! How close did it mow towards the edges of the lawn? Can you adjust how close the mower gets to the edge or even exceed it a little in order to have proper cutting results without a "frame" around the edges?

  3. Can the conga drive on non-grass areas? My current automower stops before reaching a paved area. I'd like the conga to drive onto the paved area ensuring the grass around the edge is trimmed

  4. Kickstarter project i invested in screwed me – so how do I have confidence to invest in your product via Kick Starter…. i hope you are successful…

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