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The STIHL iMOW® robotic lawn mower doesn’t just mow the lawn, it provides fully automatic lawn care tailored to your garden. You’ll need to pick the most suitable model for your garden and decide if you’re comfortable installing it yourself or whether you want a STIHL Approved Dealer to carry out the installation.

To decide which iMOW® model is most suitable, you need to consider the lawn area or areas, trees, obstacles, corridors, ponds, features and the steepness of any slopes. STIHL iMOW® robotic mowers can cater for slopes up to 45%.

The iMOW® operates within a perimeter wire which acts as a boundary so the iMOW® cannot go outside it – it will only mow inside this area. When you install the iMOW®, you peg out the perimeter wire using fixing pins so the install is completely customised to your garden. The perimeter wire sits on the soil surface but is quickly covered by the grass growing round it so you don’t see it. If you would prefer a buried cable, many STIHL Approved dealers have cable-laying machines.

You’ll need to measure the lawn area and perimeter of your garden to help decide on the model that is right for you, and to calculate how much wire you will need for the install. You can use Google Maps to calculate the lawn area and perimeter of your garden. This will give you an idea of the most suitable robotic mower and how much perimeter wire and fixing pins you’ll need.

For big gardens with large lawn areas, we recommend the STIHL RMI 632 robotic mower. It has a 28 cm cutting width which is perfect for large gardens and can cover a mowing area of up to 5000 square metres, depending on the model you choose. Slopes aren’t a problem either as the RMI 632 can handle lawns with a gradient of up to 45%.

For small and medium-sized gardens, we recommend the STIHL RMI 422 robotic mower. It has a 20 cm cutting width which is ideal for smaller lawns and gardens with lots of twists and turns. It can cover a mowing area of up to 1700 square metres, depending on the model you choose. And again, slopes aren’t an issue for the RMI 422. It can handle lawns with a gradient between 35-40%.

For smaller mowing areas with a wire length of less than 80 metres, you will also need to install an AKM 100 suppressor (purchased separately). In a small mowing area where the perimeter wires are closer together, the iMOW® may get confused. The AKM 100 helps reduce the strength of the signal coming from the perimeter wire so that the iMOW® can operate more effectively.

Both the STIHL RMI 422 and RMI 632 have a lot in common and share many features. They are intelligent robotic mowers with dynamic mowing plans which means they adapt their mowing and battery charging times automatically based on factors like rainfall. You give iMOW® an active timeframe to work within and it automatically works out how long it needs to work for within those times. The maximum amount of time that an iMOW® will need to complete its weekly mowing plan is 50 hours so it won’t be mowing 24/7 either. If the default mowing plan doesn’t suit you and your lifestyle, you can change both the mowing times and active times to work around you.

The iMOW® is fitted with an impact sensor, which detects fixed obstacles and allows the robotic mower to move around them when it comes into close proximity. It’s also fitted with a rain sensor, so the iMOW® is able to detect when it is raining and can change its mowing plan to protect your lawn.

To start using the STIHL iMOW® App with C models, contact your supplying STIHL dealer. They will need the 9 digit serial number of the iMOW® and your email address to set up the account.

The iMOW® installation assistant is built into the robotic mower and can lead you through the process of installing and programming the iMOW®, so you can set it up yourself. Just follow our installation instruction video on the STIHL GB YouTube channel. Again, for complicated installations, we would recommend you speak to a STIHL Approved Dealer who can install your iMOW® for you.


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