The BIG LIE with robot lawn mowers – Don’t fall for it.

The BIG LIE with robot lawnmowers – Don’t fall for it. This is something that comes up a lot on my channel and I felt it had to be addressed. I get a lot of questions about robot lawnmowers and do I think they are good or not, and what are the good and bad points about owning one.
There is one question that continually gets asked and this video was made to address that point.
This one problem affects cool season grass.

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31 thoughts on “The BIG LIE with robot lawn mowers – Don’t fall for it.”

  1. To be fair to them I’ve had a Husky 315x for 2 years now on a lawn that was previously just moss. After 2 years of no scarifying and no feed the lawn is night and day. Hardly any moss, only at the edges where the mower can’t get and 100 times greener. Best thing I’ve ever bought

  2. A robot lawnmower is a huge advantage and a relief from having to mow lawns. Imagine working from Monday to Saturday and having to mow the lawn every week on Sunday, what if it rains on Sunday? Are you going out in the rain to mow with a conventional mower? On the other hand to the gardeners who charge loads of money for mowing every week or 2 times a month. The prices that our customers announce for mowing the lawn just damn well justify the lawnmower as an option for mowing the lawn. The robot does its job to mow 1mm of the grass every day and thus make "green fertilization". Conventional lawnmowers mow large grass, which must then be collected and disposed of somewhere.

  3. Funny thing. At the end I was looking for the strip that was not done due to the fact that there was a wire buried there. I could not see the difference between that strip and the rest that you had worked on. That suggests to me that what you did was a waste of time and money.

  4. Totally agree with you about your comments on robot lawnmowers I have been using one for four years and one of the features that really annoys me is the compaction it causes. It is quite a heavy unit with its batteries and motor and it sits on a pair of hard narrow wheels which power it and a small roller that acts as a skid when turning. Because it is programmed to operate on certain days and I am lazy, it is often working in rain and on wet ground, and the top couple of inches gradually gets more and more compacted. My lawn is only 400Msq and I occasionally use an electric rotary mower to clear the thatch that forms. I wouldn't get another one.

  5. I didn't know about the need to bury cables…. Interesting the lawn is raised (and notable the grass growing between the pavers and the tarmac. I think our American friends have the best solution, namely have your hard surface (concrete slab is popular stateside) at precisely the same level as the soil, enabling the lawnmower to slightly run over the hard surface and then the edges can be trimmed or disc cut (that's a scary garden attachment !) so that they are razor sharp. Great video again, as always. Thanks.

  6. Trying to have nice grass in Ontario is very difficult. Not enough rain, too much heat in the summer, critters that dig up the lawn looking for grubs. Then there are also watering restrictions June to September. I can only water one day a week and then only for a few hours in the morning and evening. I have lost all the grass completely 3 times.

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