Do not buy the Robomow RC 304u

Just a quick demo of how truly terrible the Robomow RC 304u is. This is the 2018 version, and it has been like this the last 2 or 3 years. I had it serviced and they changed some components in the charging pad. But I think the problem is with the mower itself.

On a daily basis, I find it sitting somewhere on the lawn, with 70-80% charge remaining, and the display is showing the incorrect time. I started following it around and discovered this weird behavior. It behaves as if there are obstacles, until it simply stops.

I have tried contacting Robomow on several occasions, without no luck. Do not buy this mower, or any mower from Robomow. Awful products, even worse after sales support.

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6 thoughts on “Do not buy the Robomow RC 304u”

  1. Had recently the same problem with mine, I changed the knife for a new stainless steel one and It runs like new again. The old one vibrated too much and caused the odd behaviour of the robot.

  2. You did not show the underside as there is something definitely wrong with the blade (probably) out of balance.
    I have the same model for three years and it is as quiet now as when it was new and twenty metres away it is almost silent. Thank you for the video and hope it’s sorted by now.

  3. Something is wrong with that one, mine had plenty of totally random issues, remove the blade and run it again, sounds like the blade is too low for a first cut or the blade is out of balance, drop the blade off it to eliminate it as a cause.

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