FREE Mental Health Apps You Need to Know About!

Mental health is something that’s important to all of us, and yet it can be hard to find the right resources. 😣 That’s why I’m excited to share these 5 free mental health apps with you! These apps can help you deal with a variety of issues, from anxiety to depression. 🌟

There are a lot of different mental health apps on the market, but which ones are worth your time? Check out this list of 5 essential mental health apps that you need to know about! 💗

0:00 Intro
0:25 App #1: Woebot
1:30 App #2: Thinkable
2:41 App #3: Calm Harm
3:51 App #4: Sanvello
5:04 App #5: DailyBean

Woebot: Your Self-Care Expert
ios App Store |
Google Play Store |

Thinkable: Mental Health / Anxiety Relief
ios App Store |
Google Play Store |

Calm Harm – manages self-harm
ios App Store |
Google Play Store |

Sanvello: Anxiety & Depression
ios App Store |
Google Play Store |

DailyBean – simplest journal
ios App Store |
Google Play Store |


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
1-800-273-8255 |

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⎡*disclaimer: this video is not sponsored. i am not a licensed mental health professional. this video is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment.⎦

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30 thoughts on “FREE Mental Health Apps You Need to Know About!”

  1. never go to healthful chat the admins harrass people and if u report them nothing is done to them they also temp ban people and permanetly ban people for no ligit reason worse site i ever encountered so many bad reviews

  2. I use the Finch Care app and the DailyBean app for therapy actually! My therapist wants to keep track on how my moods change throughout the week and wants to identify patterns with my mood since I have MDD. Both of the mood tracking features (and journaling option thingy on Finch Care) help my therapist understand my moods better.

  3. Pleaseeee tell me how u got your background on my other channel I film and I’d love to have an aura background like that- also tysm for the video exactly what I was looking for

  4. i wish i could download these. unfortunately my parents search my phone all the time and if i was caught with any of these apps with these very obvious names to mental health issues, id probably be in trouble. are there any good websites instead?

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