Namste all Beautiful souls .I welcome you to another episode of our healing Hub.
Earthing -The Healing Power .
Have you ever tried walking barefoot on the grass or in your garden ?
Here is the magic ….
Earthing also known as grounding yourself to the contact with Mother Earth.Mother earth has the energy,electrons which directly in contact with the Sun .When you walk barefoot you absorb those energy into your system ,which has healing power.
Walking barefoot which is a great excercise which gives you immense satisfaction that you can do to secure holistic health.It also relieves your other diseases,stress and anxiety.You have to be more consciously allow those energies to your system to feel grounded,feel those pleasant, tingling,warm sensetional energy in your feet allow that to flow into your body to feel more relaxed and healed .
If you are experiencing any type of discomfort or pain in the body,believe me keep those footwear aside,time to go out barefoot at least 30 minutes a day .MOTHER EARTH ALSO PROVIDES ENERGY FROM BELOW.
Are you ready to hookup to feel those positive energy from the earth and feel better ?
Go Earthing ,Feel the Magic of Healing …
Thank you. 🙏

Presented by
The healing hub

Script by
Mangala Hegde

Edited by
Veda S Bhat

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