Is Gardena A Nice Place To Live | Info On The Go Ep 79

Is Gardena a nice place to live? In this episode I’ll discuss the history, economy, demographics and schools of The Freeway City…one of the last affordable cities within the Los Angeles metro area.

Is Gardena A Nice Place To Live | Info On The Go Ep 79
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15 thoughts on “Is Gardena A Nice Place To Live | Info On The Go Ep 79”

  1. People complaining about the crime rate but have no involvement with crime… Gardena has no active gang disputes. Gardena doesn't have homeless on the streets like south central. It's paradise. You rather live here or in Ukraine? Stop complaining people

  2. I grew up and lived the first 40 years of my life in Gardena from 1956 to 1996. Went to Chapman, Maria Regina, Peary Jr. High, Serra High, and Gardena High. Watched Gardena go from a great place to live in the 60s and 70s to a crime ridden stinkpot since the 80s. Burglaries, car thefts, robberies, vandalism, hookers on Western Ave., rampant gangs in the Hollypark area.
    Got out of there as soon as I could get a good price for my house. Moved out of California in '96 with zero regrets.
    Live in a conservative ultra Red State that is safe, quiet, friendly, low taxes, and I daily carry my beloved 357 magnum, with NO PERMIT required.
    Only a sucker would pay 600 grand for a 70 year old house with black water coming out of the faucets.
    Enjoy, saps!

  3. Great video! I actually bought one of the townhouses in the Rosecrans location and move into it in about a couple of weeks. Would love the city plan you discussed and let me know if you'd like my thoughts about Gardena once I move in (currently in Culver City).

  4. I just sold my home for 700k and moved out, it’s too loud and getting scary. I lived there for 20 years. Bye 👋 Gardena see you never 👎

  5. Excellent video! I like Gardena and I think it’s changing but very location dependent. I like the McCarthy area of Gardena in particular and parts bordering Torrance. Not a fan of the areas where rosecrans place and stonefield developments are located. I like it more than Carson because it feels more South Bay than Carson does.. Carson feels more harbor area to me. Also great for people who work in South Bay beach cities or on the west side as it is not too far south. Hope you cover more South Bay cities in the future!

  6. from the outside looking in y’all think it’s all sweet but it’s a lot of folks here in gardena on section 8 and look up how fast the Ⓜ️rder rate is increasing since 2019 just look at how many they were last year 2020 as a resident myself i’d choose torrance and carson instead by a long shot..

  7. Awesome videos Dietric! Raised in Dena and seen it continued to grow as my parents still live there. Awesome city but prices have skyrocketed I couldn’t justify buying a single family house build in 40’s for 600k-700k two years ago. Moved out to Corona ca and love it! And I think spaceX is part of Hawthrone but literally next to Gardena

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