First Impression with the Worx Landroid L

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10 thoughts on “First Impression with the Worx Landroid L”

  1. Anything you would do different on the install process to improve functionality? Just bought one and doing the install of the wire. It's a bit time consuming and wondering if it's worth it to measure out everything and if want to even set-up zones for the front of the house

  2. Great video Mike! thanks for sharing. I will be setting up one soon but currently debating whether I need the radar thing or not. I have a tree in the middle of the lawn which makes it difficult to run the wire around the tree from the edge of the lawn.. I see that you have trees far from the edge too, did you just run the wire across for each tree regardless? from other videos I see the robo mower will change direction when bump into stuff, I am tempted to not run the wire and just let the robot bump into the tree, change direction and move on… would that work? thanks.

  3. I got 1 too. Still installing the wire. My lawn is not as even like yours and is 8000 sqf of grass. I debate it will perform well on st augustine grass but will see. If it does I will be happy to reclaim my weekend and do other thengs other than mowing. Thank you for the video.

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