Landroid L Mowing Tall Grass in 4k

My very first mow with my Landroid L. In order to test out what it would do I intentionally did not cut the grass first (ignoring the instructions) and left it over nine …


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  1. I have a choice between a Note 21 cell phone and this we 150. Zero dollars for 1 of them. I'm leaning towards the mower. A phone, well my Note 8 is good enough for a few years. Can you do 2 zones. I want to add my front yard only when I am watching it. Someone might drive by and steal it.

  2. Yeah definitely not getting one. Any robotic mower for that matter. I’m sure it’ll be bigger in the future but not well developed enough yet. There small, extremely expensive, low mowing capabilities, and inaccurate/ seem very random for going around 1,000$+. In my opinion I think if they could just aim there focus at the technology and AI aspect of it, and really put a lot of effort and time into developing a better system. There’s benefits but for me the negatives outweigh the pros. If it was more reliable at cutting I would deffinitly get one. Was planning on getting a robotic mower for my parents last Christmas but I seen the same problem, and quite frankly after many months later still no technology outbreaks. I’m not targeting the product and saying it’s bad, I just personally don’t think it’s there yet and that’s okay, it’s a great start and I can’t imagine what it can do 10 years from now, hell 5 years from now even I’m sure they’ll be a lot better systems and more improvements!

  3. I'm on the last stage of installing the parameter wire, I may finish tomorrow but with work and other crap to do after work I'm not sure.
    Then I have to go through an edge test to see if I need to move any wire around. And after that, I'm done.

    I did run what wire I have left to install back to the base just to see what the mower would do. I was shocked at how quiet it was. I wondered if the blades were spinning. Then I remembered it was just blades on a disk. It's not going to make a lot of noise.

    I'm pretty confident that I made the right choice. Now to show the wife that it can live up to the hype. Because for some reason she doesn't believe that a device with a disk full of razorblades can cut grass.

  4. Hoping you are having fun with your droid!
    I have the M model and it's great apart from a few stupid navigation issues. I have grapevines and am using both the ACS and the magnetic no-go sensors to avoid it constantly hitting the vines or supporting trellis. It seems to have a silly error in firmware 3.16 which may amuse you:

  5. Dear Canadian Droid, I'm curious about it cuts to the edge, and how is the performance so far? could you add an update video of these points? would be really appreciated

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