Worx Landroid Automatic Mower Set Up & Review

I am a huge fan of my roomba and wanted to see what all the fuss was about with robotic lawn mowers. I figured at worst it would save me money in the long run …


17 thoughts on “Worx Landroid Automatic Mower Set Up & Review”

  1. You could potentially be okay doing review videos if: 1. You didn’t have music as loud as you have on this video; 2. You didn’t mumble your words. Your accent isn’t the easiest to understand. That combined with mumbling your words makes it difficult to understand you; 3. Get to the point; 4. Give facts and figures. This was the worst four minutes of my life that I know I will never get back and I didn’t really learn much from your video. You seem like a nice enough now and if you can address these issues then fair play to you. Review review video is meant to be just that and not have your kids as props. Unless this was meant to be comedy?

  2. I purchased a Landroid "M" recently (Apr 2020) and found a (for me) big oversight in the un-boxing instructions. One of the early instructions is to insert the separately packaged battery into the rear compartment of the Landroid…however, no where do the instructions that came with the unit tell you how to INITIALLY lift the Landroid's rear compartment door. As packaged, this door is locked down by two (2) phillips head screws, that have to be removed from the underside of the unit. Maddening and frustrating is this instructional oversight ! Once the two screws are removed, the rear battery compartment door lifts easily and falls back automatically when released, held closed by a magnetic catch. I've complained and Worx says it will fix this situation, but for anyone who buys currently…hope this helps.

  3. I knew sooner or later one of these was going to come out when I saw the idea what it can do for carpets the way it clean carpets. I said to myself why don't someone build something like that to cut grass DAMMIT I should gotten patent.

  4. I would have liked to see you install some of the boundary wire. Can it be buried 1"?
    Also, doesn't look like you have trees, but I have large trees with roots that are as high as the grass. Wondering if that is an issue with the Landroid mowing over.

  5. These robot lawnmowers are going to get miles better over the next several years. Battery technology especially will get leaps and bounds better as will their ability to see your lawn's perimeter better and you will be able to program where they go instead of using a perimeter wire. I will hold off til then.

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